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Here at Honiahaka we pride ourselves with the way we care for and look after our dogs.
Due to living on a Farm we are lucky enough to have the space to have so many, they are first and foremost our pets and part of our family. We do not subject our dogs to live whelping cam's we feel that this is a private time for owner and bitch, but always keep our puppy owners up to date during the event when time permits.

We Only breed our Bitches if we have a waiting list before they are mated. All our dogs are fed the best quality food, and are firm believers that raw is best !! they have regular daily excersie, our dogs have day runs which they love and come in to the family home for cuddles and bedtime of a night.
 We are honest and open with our puppy owners and potential puppy owners alike, and are happy to let you contact them to find out what we are like for yourselves.
 When getting a puppy from us be prepared to also acquire an extended family too, we like to be kept up to date on what our puppies are doing with regular photos and feed back. We organise regular pack walks so all our puppy owners can meet each other and swap notes, we also hold puppy BBQ's in the summer, and camping weekends, weather permitting. Potential puppy owners are encouraged to come and meet us and our pack, and also to come on one of our pack walks or shows so they can see the good and bad in our breed.

We compete our dogs in companion shows and also do scootering with them for fun, we don’t push our dogs to do things they do not enjoy , if you feel you will fit into the Honiahaka pack then please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit, if we are not for you we are always happy to help you find the right breeder for your lifestyle.

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Honiahaka Snow Bear Northern Inuit Society Dog of the Year 2010
Also Taking White Northern Inuit Dog of the Year 2010



Essex Show 2010

Bear Took 1st Open Dog
1st White dog
2nd Stud dog
2nd Best Mover

Best White dog in show

Saskia Came 1st in Brood Bitch
1st NIS Members Adult


 Skipton Show 2009

Squims took the Members NIS Dog of the Year award


Squimmy Darling Did it again
Amersham Show 2009
1st Adult Dog and Taking Home the Best in Show title also now with 3 Best In Show titles he has earned 3 gold Stars this now makes him a Northern Inuit Society Champion.

Little Lelou did one better than the last show
1st Minor Puppy and Best Puppy in show what a clever girl.
This has earned her, her 1st Junior Silver Star.

Moley 1st Adult Bitch

Lincs show 2009
Squims  Best In Show



Photo taken by Harvey Brown Photography

Moleys and Squims stunning first litter , we wish the new owners of these stunning pups years of good health and Happiness. And we look forward to watching them grow.


We had some fun with our girls at the sledging weekend, and think we may of found our new sport, so watch this space in the new year for lots of fun pictures of us getting into sledging with them.

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Our first ever big win

"Mahlek Olakhota Saskia 1st yearling bitch,  Best in show, And Dog of the year 2006 at the annual northern inuit show in Oldham"


We love a yogurt or two !!!!


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