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Anya's Past Litter 2009

Anya Gave birth to 4 beautiful babies on 12/09/09

1 Beautiful Grey Girl
2 handsome Grey Boys
1 Stunning White boy

Mum and babies doing well

All these beautiful babies have long awaited wonderful homes to go to.


The Honiahaka Kids as Adults

Honiahaka Kiba Oyobi Tsume

Kiba at his Owners Wedding

Honiahaka Kaskae Ashkii
Little Kaskae

Honiahaka Lord of Light
Lucian aka Little chip

Honiahaka Makoce At'eed Sitala
Tala  aka lady ta ta


On Saturday 12th  September 2009 , Anya produced 4 wonderful pups, 2 were born in the Garden !! and 2 indoors, these puppies all have owners to go to Some who have been waiting patiently for the last few Years for a Honiahaka Baby.

Here I will try to keep you all updated on the weekly progress of these beautiful babies.

Meet Anya's babies

Little girl  "Tala"

All together

Little Purple boy Lovingly known as Chip but who will be called Lucian

The Lovely Red collar boy names Kaskae ( after our boy kas)

Our beautiful chunky Polar bear who is now called Kiba


Mandi came for puppy cuddles

Put me back !!!


1, Pink
2, Red
Boy "chip
Birth Weight
1lb 2.5oz
1lb 1.5oz

1lb 7.5oz
1lb 5oz
1lb 8oz

10.5 oz
1lb 8.5oz
1lb 10.5oz
1lb 1.5oz
Vet check,All OK, Hind Dew claws removed
1lb 14.5oz
1lb 10.5oz
1lb 14.5oz
1lb 4.5oz

1lb 13.5oz
2lb 2.5oz
1lb 8oz
All puppies are getting quite mobile already
2lb 6oz
2lb 1oz
2lb 6oz
1lb 11oz

2lb 11.5oz
2lb 5oz
2lb 11.5oz
1lb 14.5oz
Little chip is really catching up and doing so well now.
1 week old
2lb 15.5oz
2lb 8oz
2lb 15.5oz
2lb 3oz
All puppy owners have now met and had a cuddle with their puppy.
3lb 8oz
3lb 0.5oz
3lb 7oz
2lb 8oz
Puppies are on the move
3lb 12.5oz
3lb 4oz
3lb 10oz
2lb 12.5oz
Puppies weights are evening out now
2 weeks old + 1 day
4lb 11oz
3lb 13oz
4lb 4.5oz
3lb 7.5oz
All eyes are open  and puppies are all walking now.
5lb 9oz
4lb 8.5oz
5lb 2oz
Puppies wormed today
started lapping puppy porridge.
6lb 7oz
5lb 7.5oz
5lb 11.5oz
4lb 12oz
Eating puppy biscuits and mince now
7lb 6oz
6lb 13.5oz
7lb 2oz
5lb 11oz
all puppies running around and playing
3.93 Kilos
3.8 Kilos
3.95 Kilos
3.74 Kilos
Weighed in Kilos for worming
9lb 5oz
9lb 6oz
7lb 6oz
Eating cooked Tripe and cooked chicken.
6 weeks
12lb 6oz
12lb 6oz
12lb 11oz
9lb 10oz
Eating raw mince and lamb ribs
14lb 2oz
14lb 7oz
14lb 15oz
11lb 6.5oz
Puppies Wormed today with drontal puppy


First week over now onto week 2, Puppies are all doing well, very vocal at 2am in the morning when they are all latched on to Anya and milk is in full flow, I will carry on sleeping downstairs with them until they are 3 weeks old, this way I feel I can help Anya during the night by giving her plenty to eat and drink to keep her milk flowing, I also make sure I put little chip on the milk bar as much as possible so he catches up with the others.  All proud puppy owners have been to see their babies and have started the bonding process, we are happy for our puppy owners to come and visit weekly as long as they don’t mind being sprayed with a strong bug killing disinfectant before entering the house, we also ask them to wash hands and use a antibacterial gel before handling the pups….you can never be too careful.

Here are the puppies from a week old.

Kaskae's excited owner's

Puppy Kisses

Kiba's proud Mummy and Daddy

Lucian's Proud Parents ( little chip)

Ever so proud mummy

Tala ( Named in memory of our tala) with her Proud Mummy


A Few random photos

I Love my mummy

First meal out

Lucian and Kiba

Teddy cuddles

Weight watchers !!

They all love a corner !!

Its a hard life being a Honiahaka Puppy

Picture time !!!





Tala and Lucian

Beautiful Clever Mummy

Pup in a box

Puppies are now 12 days old and we have signs of eyes opening

Upside down puppy !!

Getting ready for Halloween

Lovely Mummy

and Christmas piccys too
Santa came to visit Early


Puppies are now nearly 4 weeks old and are all doing really well, they are eating well and exercising there vocal cords at any given chance now !!

Here's a selection of photos from the last week..
When the weather is nice, we like to get our puppies outside for fresh air ans excercise, it also helps them master the art of moving there hind legs under them.



Kaskae and Lucian


Little Howler

My beautiful Anya

and when its not so nice outside, they play in the kitchen and steal Moley's bed !!!

They seem to like the sound of the dishwasher

Love Yogurt

But its hard work all this eating !!

The Milk Bar is still a Favorite for some !!

Nobody puts baby Kas in the corner !!!

Ok How do i get out!!!


Anya's Babies are now six and a half weeks old, are complety weaned eating raw and cooked food, love a nice lamb bone to chomp on, they are all fully paper trained, Next week is Jab and microchip time......

Lucian and Tala

Kiba and little Kas


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