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Angels Beautiful Babies

Meet the Storm Litter, Conceived on a hail stormy day in Germany and born also on a stormy day in Germany and a wintery day in the UK.

4 Beauties came into the world on the 18 November. 3 Girls and 1 Boy 

Dam Honiahaka Miracle of Angels 

Sire Nanuq von Munsterland 

Pink Collar  Honiahaka Nova Butterflies and Hurricanes 

Purple Collar Honiahaka Nova Ice Ice Baby

Blue Collar  Honiahaka Nova Storm Born

Orange Collar Honiahaka Nova Heart of the Storm

Puppy Weight
 Miss Pink
 Miss Purple
 Mr Blue
 Miss Orange
Birth Weight
18th November 
  1lb 3oz =
  539 grams 
 1lb 9.5oz= 
 723 grams
  1lb 10oz =
  737 grams
 1lb 7.5oz =
 666 grams
 20th November 
2 days old 
 1lb 10oz =
 737 grams
  2lb 3.5oz  =
  1.01 kg 
 2lb 3.5oz  =
  1.01 kg 

 1lb 14oz =
  850 grams 
 23rd November 
5 days old 
  2lb 4.5oz =
  1.03 kg
  2lb 15.5oz =
  2lb 14.5oz =
  2lb 8.5oz =
  24th November 
1 week old 
 2lb 7oz =
  3lb 1.5oz =
  3lb 2oz =
  1.42 kg
  2lb 11oz =
  2nd December 
2 Weeks old 
  4lb 8oz =
 5lb 15oz =
  6lb 4oz =
  5lb 2oz =
 9th December 
3 Weeks old 
 6lb 3.5oz =

 8lb 3oz =

 8lb 14oz =
 6lb 15 oz =
 16th December
 4 Weeks old 
 8lb 2.5oz =
 10lb 15oz =
 12lb =
 9lb 4oz =