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               Welcome to Anya's Puppy page 2008

**Daddy is Shoshone Storm **

Here you will see the puppies grow from birth, untill they leave us for new homes.....

And The Most recent photos of them as adults.



Photos of Drift and Bo as Adults to follow....


After a very long tiring weekend, Anya finally gave birth to 3 healthy white puppies on the 17-06-08.

2 Boys, 1 girl.


Tala ,  Drift and Bo ( left to right)


I love my Mummy ( bo)



Puppies Nose's are starting to go black now. ( 5 days old).


Anya Using Peter rabbit as her pillow

Its hard work being a puppy

If Drift isnt feeding he is sleeping......

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh i love my Teddy.......  Little Tala...

I can still see you Snow Bo Bear.....

Bo Starting to walk....

Anyas not impressed with all these photos........... "cant a girl get any privacy" !!!

Boo !!!!! Bo Bear...........


Tala Sleepy Head

Drift Snuggling with mummy

Tala with her eyes open..... What a sweetie she is.......

Little Bo ...... so adorable you just have to cuddle him...

First walk to the milk bar out side the pen.....


Snow Bo Bear  Totally adoreable......

Drift ..... a big Beauty

Tala... A Total Babe.......



Tala 16 Days Old

Snow Bo Bear


Say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


19th June we took Anya and the pups to the vets for a check up. anya got a clean bill of health, and looks really well, puppies all got a little health check and was given the ok, the 1st white boy just need to be put on Anya so he starts to gain a bit of weight, this we did all day and now he has the taste theres no stopping him.........



 Birth Weight

17th June

 Dew Claws  Health Checked




21st June

 1st Boy

( Bo )

 1lb 3oz




 All Clear

 1lb 3oz


 1lb 8 1/2 oz




 1lb 3oz




 All Clear

 1lb 5oz


1lb 14 1/2 oz


 2nd Boy


1lb 6oz 




All Clear

 1lb 8oz


 2lb 5 1/2 oz




23rd June


25th June


28th June


29th June


 30th june

 1st boy

( Bo )

 1lb 13.1/2 oz


 2lb 7oz


 2lb 14oz


 Eyes Open

Top teeth

 3lb 5oz

1.51 kg



 2lb 5oz


 2lb 14oz


3lb 6oz


 Eyes Open

Top Teeth

 3lb 11 1/2 oz

1.69 kg

 2nd Boy


 2lb 14oz


 3lb 6 1/2 oz


 4lb 1 1/2 oz


 Eyes opening

Top teeth

 4lb 10 oz

2.10 kg



 1st July

2 weeks old


3rd July


5th july


8th july


12th july



 (Bo Walking)

All Puppies



4lb 1½ oz
 2.02 kg


4lb 7 oz
 5lb 1 oz


6lb 10 oz








4lb 6 ½ oz
 2.22 kg


4lb 13 ½ oz
 5lb 7 1/2 oz


6lb 6oz




Puppy Drontal




5lb 9oz
2.80 kg


6lb 2 ½ oz
 6lb 13 oz


7lb 12oz




15th July 


22nd July


26th July


29th July 


2nd August





7lb 10 oz


9lb 9oz


Eating full

solid foods


11lb 7 1/2 oz

 12lb 7 1/2 oz




7lb 11oz




Goats Milk


10lb 12 1/2 oz

 12lb 3oz




9lb 3oz


11lb 2 oz


Hard Biscuits


13lb 14 1/2 oz

 15lb 2oz

25th June 08,  All puppies doing really well, very active already and wizzing around the whelping box on there bellys, and even starting to stand up now too.

I have heard a few woofs from them and signs of a little howl,  We now sleep in our own bed ( and not with them ) but watch them most of the night on the Camera and what an adorable bunch they are .

27th June, Puppies really active now, just waiting for eyes to open, this should be any day now.. New puppy Owners coming to see them today. It was lovely seeing all our puppy owners this weekend, we are very lucky they have chose us, as im sure they will all fit in to our extended family really well.

28th June, Puppies eyes are starting to open, little Bo has both eyes open, Tala has one eye opening and as for Drift, if he ever stops being at the milk bar i may get a chance to see, ( he is such a little piggy)...

30th June. All puppies eyes are open, and looking even more adoreable too, All puppies have there front top teeth, so poor anya no wonder shes not in with them all the time now, Puppies are even more active now and starting to play with each other today.

1st July,  2 weeks old today, eyes open wide, , and strong voice boxes ( lol ), Bo Started walking today, the other will follow soon im sure. All puppies wormed with puppy drontal ( so pink highlights for us all ). They are all chewing Anya now and interacting with each othe in play.

5th July, Puppies are all doing very well, all very vocal now and will howl when they hear our voices now.... they all move around quickly, Bo is still the most upright on his feet, they love a tickle, will growl at Anya when they dont want to be washed, and have all started lapping up puppy porridge now, they are extreamly forward the little monsters.

Will try to up dae as much as possible over the next two weeks.............. bear with me lol.

Sorry for the Delay, back from my hols now, here is a selection of picures taken over the last 3 weeks, hope you enjoy them ..............



Snow Bo

All 3 together

Sleepy Drift

Sweet Tala

Snow Bo

Big Boy Drift

Snow Bo



Snow Bo !!

Bo, Tala, Drift

Milk Bars open Yeyyyyyyyyy

Wash Time!!!!

Snug as a bug in a rug.....

Watch them teeth kids.....

Taken today ( 23/7/08)

Snow Bo Bear

Gimmie a Kiss mummy.....

Hot Bo....


Sleepy Boys




Its 9 Days now untill the puppies go off to there new homes, they are eating well, playing hard and exploring everything, they love to jump on the hoover,and hang off my trousers !!!! Here some more Random pictures that have been taken this last week (6 weeks old).

Playing in the playpen


Our first Raw Lamb Meal, Boy was it yummy!!!!

Its mine all mine.......



Its hard work all this eating..........................

Bo & Tala

Bo..... Ears are on the move......


Princess Tala........


Bo " when i grow up im gonna be a show dog"............ see look at my stand............

We can Climb the blue Mountain too.....................................


Little Tala

The boys love it under the units,.......

Ill protect you grandad!!!


Snow Bo is still a mummies boy ....................

Ears are on the move..............


Silly Drift..................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



While away on my holiday little tala went to the vets with a stiff leg, this was noticed when she started to stand up, all x rays and tests came back ok, so when we got home on the 25th, we took her to the RVC for further tests, it seems she has a constricted muscle in her left thigh and this is stopping her from being able to bend it, we are still waiting for blood results to come back, before a true prognosis can be made.

Bo and Drift on the other hand are on top form and causing normal puppy havoc on a daily basis, they are to be wormed tonight with puppy drontal, this is a bright pink liquid, so pink high lights for eveyone involved today.......


7/8/08     it is with great sadness that we had to have little Tala Put to sleep today, after lots of tests and chats with vets, we all deceided  that it was best for tala in the long run. 

15/9/08  We have Talas  post Mortum results, and the conclustion is what we thought, it is not genetic , she had a contracted muscle to the upper pelvic limb, this then caused the femur to bow, this was just an unlucky thing to happen to us and poor Tala, and could of happened, in the uterus or during birth.

( The post mortum is avalable to be viewed here at our home for those people who are intrested)

 RUN FREE PRINCESS you will be greatly missed, But Never Forgotten, you touched so many hearts.........


11th August, Drift went and had his 1st jab and a clean bill of health  and also his microchip he weights 22lb now.

22nd August, Drift  went off to his new home, we wish him and his new family well.

Bo however is staying a bit longer due to him loosing some weight after not taking too well to being weened ( total mummies boy !!)

24th August. Bo came with us to the skipton show, and even though he couldnt be put down with the other dogs, had a great time, and even won the Cutest puppy class, and best Novely in show......See i said he was a little winner..........

29th August, Bo got the Ok  from the vet and was able to have his 1st injection and his Microchip, he weighs 22lb 8oz now, and a clean bill of health.

30th August, Bo went off to his new home today, we wish him and his new family well.

Both boys are missed by us all, this was a special litter, HARD WORK, but special.

We will keep you up dated on there progress and photos of them when possible...............


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