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Anya's Past Litter 2007

These photos are of soul and mishka in there new homes, this is where we can watch them grow



Mishka growing up


Mishka at the beach


doing my winnie the pooh with the hunnypot thing

Mishka with her friend

Moley stayed with us so you can follow her on her own page.




Scroll Down to see weekly up dates and watch them grow

These are the two little girls 1 day old.

All three together

Dark girl (left) White girl (middle) White Boy (right)

"Wheres my dad gone with my dinner" (Anya looking well after giving birth)

Day 3 of our life

Cat "what cat" Where

Oh its a hard life

11 days old now and eyes starting to open, and legs getting stronger, not long now before we are running around,

This makes my ears stand up lol!

Milk bar's open

Nice head rest

Little white Girl

Little Brown Girl

White boy

And not to forget mummy

Two weeks old and loves a game

matoskah's first stand

Mishka on the move


Proud mum



Beautiful puppy

toys at 2 weeks

lil mole

Puppies at 3 weeks

  Honiahaka Spirit of Matoskah


Honiahaka Spirit of Mishka

Honiahaka Inuit Spirit

These pups are full of spirit and love.....

"um butter wouldn't melt"

"don't shoot"


"give us a kiss"

"who me"

First day out in the real world

"how do we get out of here"

Puppies at 4 and 5 weeks old

Mishka loves a stick

This is one cheeky looking pup

Mishka chills out

Having a manicure

Soul is taking after his dad for the love of a ball.

Always got something in his mouth

"i don't do manicures"

" i don't like mine done too"

me and my mum

all together



Puppies 6 & 7 weeks old    

   soul with his lamb bone

You cant really see but soul had yellow eyes here

Mishka chilling with her toy

lil mole

all three

"can we go out mum please"

soul in the garden

Digging pups

Its a hard life

dirty mishka

mole in her hole


Mole looking wolfy

Mishka playing with Kaskae

sun bathing pups

Lady Mishka


Lord soul

lil mole

Soul & Mishka

Off to have injections now wish us luck..............

8 Weeks old and onwards

Mishka and Kaskae Playing


Anya and Mishka

Mishkas Last Day at Honiahaka

We wish Mishka and her new family lots of Happiness.


Souls Last Day at Honiahaka

Handsome Souly

Soul with Yetty

Moley Yetty and Soul

We wish Soul every happiness in his new home


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