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         and American Wolfdogs in the UK   

No Dogs Available for re-homing at this time. Please check back again soon

Proven stud dog looking for a new home. 

Draco has produced some lovely puppies for 

us here at Honiahaka, but sadly due to the 

amount of testosterone flying around here 

between the Honiahaka boys, we have had to 

make the decision to let one go, if we find the 

right home.

Draco is fully health tested and very fertile, he 

will make a good asset to a wolfy breeding 

program, or will make a wonderful companion. 

With the right person he would also make a 

great obedience trials dog. Draco is available 

on a stud contract so we can carry on using 

him in our breeding program.

Contact us at honiahakainuits@gmail.com for 

more info.


Bookings now open to UK and Overseas

applicants for 2021 Litters of Inuits, wolfalikes. 

Please be aware you will be asked for a 

£250 Deposit to secure a place on our list which is 

non refundable if you decide to go elsewhere If 

you have not placed a deposit others that have

will get priority. Unlike a lot of  breeders We only 

breed our dogs when we are looking to keep a pup 

ourselves or we have a full waiting list. 

It is unlikely that a pup will be available without 

being on our waiting list.

Older Dogs or Pups  looking for Forever homes

Sometimes we have an older pup/dog to 

re-home or we take in other peoples dogs that 

through no fault of there own have come up for 

re-homing, These dogs will be placed in the 

best possible forever homes.

We do ask for a small fee/donation for our dogs 

as we do not believe in giving dogs away to 

just anyone...All money goes into a re home 

fund to be used on other dogs who need help.

Also foster homes always needed....

Please email honiahakainuits@gmail.com


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