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Meet Handsome Drake
Honiahaka Nova Stormborn

Drakes  Parents

Dam: Honiahaka Miracle of Angels ( Northern Inuit) 

Sire: Nanuq Von Munsterland ( Tamaskan) 

Drake Originally went to a new home under a stud contract, but due to some unfortunate event he came back to us at a year old.  We rehabilitated him over the past 18 months and has well and truly got his paws under our table so is here to stay.

Drake is now all health Tested and will go into our breeding program as well as being available to outside Stud duties. Please contact me if you are looking to add a wolfalike into your breeding program.

  Honiahaka Nova Stormborn
 18th November 2017
 Silver Grey
31" to top of shoulder blades  ( 21 Months)
 56kg at 21 Months 
 Health Results
 BVA 5-6 Total 11 
 BVA 0
 BVA Tested Clear 
 Tested G-1
Tested Clear
Tested Carrier
 Tested Clear
 Registered With
 IWCR & Honiahaka
 Colour Traits 
 Ee kyky awa DD BB

Drakes Story... to follow

Baby Drake 

Drake Growing up

Photos of Drake by Salli Gainsford Photography

Show Results 

May 2019 Drake Entered the Honiahaka Wolfalike companion Club show.

He did me proud for he's first time  in the ring, and being around so many strange dogs after his ordeal.

He was happy for the judge to check him over, he is a little head shy but that's to be expected due to the amount of treatment he had to his face , but listened to me like a good boy.

We entered the yearling class where he came a very respectable 2nd, being beaten by he's beautiful sister Newty.

September 2019 saw a more confidant Drake in the ring, with mostly healed scars.

He entered the  Yearling class where it took a while to settle but he came a very respectable 4th. Then later we entered the Members dog class, where any breed that a member owns can compete. Its always a huge class. To my Amazement he was placed 1st, I was overjoyed.  We then had to go head to head with the winner of the Bitch class who was the Beautiful Roo, i 

didn't think we stood a chance, but he was looking good and his topline was fantastic...... Hoorayyyy He won the title of Best Members dog in show 2019...I was absolutely over the moon, our boy has come such a long way. 

The lovely   Judge Critique - Beautifully balanced male with head piece that flowed onto good shoulder placement. Well ribbed, good body and good hindquarters with low set tail. Moved well. Held topline on the move.

TOWIH May show. 

TOWIH September Show