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Meet Kami 
Honiahaka Kioku no Kokoro no Kami 

Kami's Parents 

Sire: Olderhill Alpha Winter's Sunset at Honiahaka

Dam: Honiahaka Inuit Spirit 

Our Beautiful Home-bred Girl 

Kami' Pedigree name is in memory of her sire's owner Gary who sadly passed away before he had a chance to meet the puppies he had so longed to be born.
(Meaning = Spirit of the heart in Memory).

Kami is a sweet girl who loves to be center of attention, her favourite past time is being cuddled and stroked by everyone, Kami is one of our main attractions at the summer breed stand show we do, where we give a talk on wolfalike breeds and give advice on the breed.

Kami has done a few TV adverts including the Zuto car finance, where she was queen bodacious wolf and the William lawsons whiskey advert. The Alex maxwell music video "signs" with Angel and photo shoots for 
photographers. She has also made an appearance on some high profile you tube channels.

all can be found on our Available to hire page Click HERE

Honiahaka Kioku no Kokoro no Kami
  22nd September 2011
  Wolf Grey
  Light Amber
 71cm .........28"
 48kg ........105 lb
 Health Results
 BVA 2 - 4
 BVA 0-0
 Tested Clear
 Tested Clear
 Tested Clear
 Tested Carrier
 Embark DNA
 Tested Clear
 Heart Scan 
 Tested Clear
 Registered with
 Northern Inuit Society
 Colour Traits

 Kami's Embark results please click HERE

Baby Kami

Kami Growing up

Some of Kami's photography work