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Kami and Ochi Babies

Honiahaka Kioku no Kokoro no Kami

Mahlek Ochi Memoriam bono fratre at Honiahaka


Kami's puppies were born on 16th Feb 2014 by natural birth.

3 Stunning Boys

Fat Boy ( Blue/Black Collar)

Mr Silver ( light blue Collar)

Mr Wrinkles  ( orange/red collar)

All 3 boys have Lovely homes lined up

Pedigree names are :

Honiahaka Loves Young Dream

Honiahaka Heartbreaker

Honiahaka Whispers of Love 


2 Brown Timber's and one Silver 




 Our Beautiful Kami took to motherhood straight away

 Lovely Mr Wrinkles

 The Lovely Fat Boy


 Lovely Mr Silver

 Is that My Puppy Mummy <3 














Puppy Weights




16th feb

 18th Feb

2 days

 20th Feb

4 days

 23rd Feb

1 week

 26th Feb

10 days

 Fat Boy
 1lb 6oz
 1lb 11oz
 2lb 3.5oz
 2lb 15oz
 3lb 9oz
 Mr Wrinkles
 1lb 3oz
 1lb 8.5oz
 1lb 15oz
 2lb 9.5oz
 3lb 5.5oz
 Mr Silver
 1lb 3oz
 1lb 9oz
 2lb 1oz
 2lb 11.5oz
 3lb 7.5oz


 2nd March

2 weeks old

 9th March

3 weeks

 16th March

4 weeks

 23rd March

5 weeks

30th March

6 weeks

 Fat Boy
 4lb 11oz
 Mr Wrinkles
 4lb 6.5oz
 Mr Silver
 4lb 8oz


 6th April

7 weeks

 13th April

8 weeks

 Fat Boy
 Mr Wrinkles
 Mr  Silver


1 week onwards

 It's a hard life




 Sleepy babies

 It's such a hard life being a spoilt Honiahaka Puppy

 Puppy Paw's and Noses








 The following Group of photos are by the talented Photographer Ben Law, who always manages to capture the superb coats of our dogs























 Thank you Ben for the wonderful photos













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