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Kaskae's Page

Mahlek Kaskae @ Honiahaka

Sire: Mahlek Pawnee Ammik

Dam: Mystical Skye at Mahlek


Kaskae was born on March 5th 2006

Kas is a Medium sized Male

wolf grey in colour

Full masked

 kas weighs 42kg and

Stands 27.5 inches to the shoulder

Kas is a Fun loving member of the family,

and is known to his friends as tigger,as he bounces everywhere,

Kas is the biggest clown in the pack,and is a fun dog to own.

Kas has a very high hip score of 33:35 total 68

So was taken out of our breeding program and castrated.

Degenerative Myelopathy Carrier n/DM


*The Northern inuit Society Essex show 2009*

Kas entered 2 classes and came

3rd in Neutered Dog and 3rd in most wolfy looking


*The Northern Inuit Society Skipton show August 2008*

Kas and Georgie came

1st Best smile ( dog and handler)

3rd Neutered male

5th Most handsome


**The Northern Inuit Society Essex show May 2008**

Kas and Georgie Came:

1st Best 6 Legs

2nd Neutered class

4th Most Handsome

5th Most Wolfie

"Well done Georgie you handle him lovely "


 All about Dogs May 2008 Brentwood

Kas with Moley


I Entered Kas into some photo dog show over the winter and this is how he got on.

He Came first in the black & White Artistry group with Moley



They came 5th in the finals (didnt they do well)

I also Entered him into the Most Handsome purebred class where he came 6th



**The Northern Inuit Society Essex show 2007**

Kas and Georgie Came:

2nd in Best Yearling

2nd in Junior Handler

1st Best 6 legs


**The Northern Inuit Society Oldham Show August 2007**

Kas and Georgie Came

2nd in Spayed/Neutered

1st Most Wolfie Looking

1st Junior Hamdler

2nd Best Smile

4th Most Handsome



Baby Kas (our pink puppy)

With Anya

With Saskia

At all about dogs Brentwood Essex 11 weeks old

Sleeping makes me grow Big and strong

Essex show '06

when in doubt go to sleep :-)

Im the king of the castle

Getting bigger now, its all that sleeping

Move over fatso

Give us  a Kiss

Where's my street cred gone now *tsk*

when the going gets tough, go to sleep

Who me !!!!!

You wont stop me from getting in that pool NO WAY !!!!

Hard work this Traveling lark





Kaskae at 9 months old



Kas and georgie in the snow this year (07)



Our Big Boy 


Kaskae at 18 Months Old


With Moley

And his best buddy Georgie

Messing with moley (b & w)

(photos by Stewart Wall)


Kas's best friend is our GSD Sarris (RIP old boy )

There is never a dull moment with kas around, he brightens up even the coldest days


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