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*****Kizzy and Spirit babies have arrived*****

So pleased to announce the arrival of  honiahaka Kizzy and Olderhill Alpha winters Sunsets Beautiful 12 babies.


On Thursday 11th October 2012 , after a trip to the vets, Kizzy whelped 12 stunning Puppies... Kizzy has also taken to it like her mum Moley and is a wonderful attentive  Mummy.

We are pleased to say all our puppies have lovely homes lined up.



Light blue...Boy Honiahaka Follow your Dreams Reserved

Red...Boy Honiahaka in your wildest Dreams Reserved

Brown boy- Honiahaka Fated Dreams Reserved

Blue...Boy Honiahaka Spirits Dream Reserved

Purple.Boy Honiahaka Mystic Dreamer  Reserved

Multicolour.Boy (Jacob)Honiahaka Once upon a Dream Reserved

Baby Pink.Girl-(Dream) Honiahaka Dream a little Dream Staying here

Lilac...Girl Honiahaka Beautiful Dreamer Reserved

Orange.Girl Honiahaka Dreams of Darkness reserved

Dark pink Girl..(Ryoko) Yume no Chikara ( Power of dreams)  Reserved

Yellow.Girl.. Honiahaka a Dream Come true Reserved

Silver...Girl Honiahaka Autumns Dream Reserved



 Kizzy with Georgie, a few days before they were born, we knew she was big, but would  never dream she had 12 !!!

 Checking out the whelping room

 The Boys

 The Girls

Lilac Collar Girl ( SP) 

Dark Pink Collar Girl

 Purple  collar Boy

 Multi colour collar Boy

 Light Blue Collar Boy

 Red collar Boy


 Blue Collar Boy


 Brown Collar Boy


 Silver collar Girl


Pink Collar Girl  

 Orange collar Girl

Yellow collar Girl 

 Mums Beautiful Dark Silver colours






Tired Mummy with her babies




 Talk to the paw !!

 Beautiful Kizzy






 Beautiful Kizzy darling with all of her babies


3 days onwards

 When Puppies feed, Mummy feeds too


Weight time


















Dark and light blue boys









Puppy Weights

 Puppy collar
 Birth Weight
 1st week



 3rd week
 Light blue Boy
 1lb 6.5oz
 2lb 3oz



 4lb 13oz
 Red Boy
 1lb 4.5oz
 1lb 15.5oz
 3lb 4lb 11oz
 Brown Boy
 1lb 4.5oz
 2lb 2oz



 4lb 15oz
 Blue Boy 1lb 6oz
 2lb 2oz



 5lb 15oz
 Yellow Girl
 1lb 3.5oz
 1lb 15.5oz



 5lb 2oz
 Orange Girl
 1lb 4.5oz



 5lb 1oz
 Multicolour Boy
 1lb 6oz
 1lb 15.5oz



 4lb 9.5oz
 BabyPink Girl
 1lb 6oz
 2lb 2.5oz



 5lb 2oz
 Lilac Girl
 14.5oz 1lb 10.5oz



 4lb 1oz
 Purple Boy
 1lb 7.5oz
 2lb 3.5oz



 5lb 1oz
 Dark Pink Girl
 1lb 5oz
 2lb 1oz



 5lb 1oz
 Silver Girl
 1lb 6oz
 2lb 1.5oz



 4lb 10.5oz
 Extra's  Puppies all passed health check and hind dew claws removed   Wormed Starting weaning
 Feeding well , playing



  4th Week
 5th Week
 6th Week
 7th Week

 Light blue Boy


 8lb 11lb 4oz
 14lb 8oz
 18lb 9.5oz

 Red Boy


 7lb 11oz
 11lb 2.5oz
 14lb 9.5oz
 19lb 14oz

 Brown Boy


 7lb 7oz
 10lb 12.5oz
 14lb 2oz
 19lb 4oz

 Blue Boy

Mr Italy

 8lb 15oz
 13lb 16lb 10oz
 21lb 4.5oz

 Yellow Girl


 7lb 13.5oz
 10lb 12oz
 14lb 18lb 0.5oz

 Orange Girl

( to be named)

 7lb 4.5oz
 10lb 5oz
 13lb 6.5oz
 17lb 8.5oz

 Multicolour Boy


 7lb 14.50z
 11lb 12oz
 15lb 10oz

 Baby Pink Girl


 7lb 10oz
 10lb 14.5oz
 14lb 3oz

 Lilac Girl


 5lb 13.5oz
 8lb 9.5oz
 11lb 5.5oz
 14lb 10oz

 Purple Boy


 7lb 14.5oz
 11lb 9oz
 14lb 15.5oz
 19lb 3oz

 Dark Pink Girl


 7lb 13oz
 11lb 0.5oz
 14lb 3oz
 17lb 10oz

 Silver Girl


 7lb 10lb 3oz
 12lb 13.5oz
 16lb 10.5oz



wormed this week

with Panacur

3 day wormer

  eating really well

Worming with

Drontal puppy

due this week
























Our Facebook Puppy of the day Photo

 We are running a puppy of the day photo on our facebook page, these will also be added here.

Lilac Girl Day 1

 Multicolour Boy Day 2


 Silver Girl Day 3

 Light blue Boy Day 4

 Orange Girl Day 5

 Red boy Day 6

 Dark Pink Girl Day 7



 Purple Boy Day 8

 Yellow Girl Day 9

 Blue Boy Day 10


Puppies 4 weeks onwards




More to follow 

Puppies are 10 days old now and eyes are opening and they are standing up and doing the wobbly walk...



 Tickle my tummy



 Strike a pose

 I'm such a happy girl








 Hello Mr Zebra

 Sleeping beauty

 Look Eyes opening !

 Such a Clever Mummy

 Do I really need a picture of me Standing up mum !!

 Two weeks onwards

Spot the puppies

 Handsome boy

 Kisses with Georgie


 Sleeping Beauty

 Handsome Wolfie

I am such a Beautiful Girl


 The Pink Girls


 Our Beautiful Precious Girl

 Catching flys

 Cuddle time

 Chow time already !!

 I really like this weaning lark

I want mummy's Millies wolfheart food !!

 Yes.... I Know I'm handsome




 These puppies have kept us so busy that we haven't had time to update, so will add some random photos of them growing up into the stunning wolfies they are now






 No i will not look at the Camera !!


 Can i just sleep here !!





 Poor Kizzy


 So Tired ..Finn

 Can you guess where Finn is off to !!


 Yum yum





 Please let me IN !!!



 First taste of raw feeding












 Our little special project ...doing really well, gaining lots of weight and even beating her big siblings off the milk bar !

 Such a cheeky girl








 Whispers ( Dream to Italy)

  enjoyed the joke ( Dream and Italy)


 Kizzy and orange girl

 Kizzy and Roo


 I eat your nose !!



































 Bet that hurts Kizzy !!





















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