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Kizzy and Spirit's Miracle

   Not the most straight forward of births this time for our poor Kizzy, on 3rd November 2014 Kizzy started to loose green discharge ....not a good sign,So off the vets we went, you could see movement so we decided to try and induce puppies by giving oxitocin injections ...after 24 hours Kizzy had made no attempt to go into whelp, as a pregnancy scanner for dogs i was able to scan her on the 5th and to my dismay myself or Kelly could not find any heartbeats...Kizzy was rushed to the vets where she had a C section to remove the dead pups and stop her from getting sick herself.

Sobbing into my coffee over at the cafe waiting to hear that Kizzy was OK, i got a call from the receptionist asking me to come back asap, my heart sank, I thought we had lost my girl,. Running back to the vets i was greeted with a smile , when i asked if Kizzy was OK they said yes she is doing fine, but look we managed to save a baby...I have never felt so many different emotions when i set eyes on this beautiful little bundle.

 On 5th November 2014 our little miracle baby was born, a beautiful girl.

Honiahaka Miracle of Angels

 Angel as she is named Now has her own page , so pop along and watch her grow...She obviously is here to stay .


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