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On Saturday 21st february 2009 Moley Delivered a a staggering litter of NINE Puppies.

5 girls and 4 boys

All of these Stunning Babies have Fantastic Forever homes to go to

We had a long day on the 21st Feb., Moley had been in first stage labour since mid day on the Friday, I had rang Kelly the nurse who works at my vets but who is also a friend and puts up with all from me lol. She came over tea time on Friday and we all just waited……..

5.05 am Moley gave us a beautiful little girl who is the image of her mum,( pink Band) 50 minutes later along came a stunning grey boy ( light blue band), 30 minutes later along came another beautiful grey girl ( purple band) , after a 2 hour break along came a stunning Dark grey girl ( red band) and around an hour later we had a stunning white boy ( dark red band) 50 minutes later we were graced with another grey stunning boy ( Blue band) . By this time we were all shattered but joyous at how well our Moley had done, she is a natural mother for sure. We thought Moley may have one more pup to come as Kelly could feel something but said it may be a while, so we sent Kelly home to have a well earned rest ( Thank you Kelly you were my rock, round 2 with Saskia soon…. ).

Just over two hours later contractions started again and along came a lovely big white girl, ( Lilac band) , and a staggering 10 minutes later a smaller white girl ( yellow band) with the sweetest head going, now we were sure she was finished, as we only expected 5 as was shown on the scan…… After settling Moley and her new babies into a nice clean dry whelping box, we fed her and 4 hours later took her out in the garden to stretch her legs….that’s when Garden boy appeared, she gave birth to him in the garden a lovely dark grey boy….. Hence the nick name garden boy !!!!

Sunday 22nd Feb, Moley and Babies were taken to the vets for a check up and all were given a clean bill of health.

Mummy and Babies all doing well.

Day One

Girl ( red band) Boy ( no band but now has green band)

White girl ( lilac band) aka Sesi

Boy (Blue Band)  Girls ( Purple band and Pink band)

White Girl ( Yellow band) aka Abberline

White Girl ( Lilac band) Sesi &  Dark grey Girl (red band)

White boy ( dark red band) Chilling out  aka Takoda

Grey Boy ( Light blue band) aka Yahto

Day Two

Dark Grey Boy ( Green Band aka garden boy)

White Girl (Yellow) Abberline

Grey Boy ( Dark blue)  cheeky chappie

White Girl ( lilac)  Sesi

Dark grey Girl ( Red)

Light Grey girl ( Pink) ( Mini Moley)

Light Grey Boy (Light blue) yahto

Grey Girl ( Purple)

White Boy ( Dark red) (aka Takoda)

All together

Girls together

Boys together

All Puppies doing well and putting weight on.




3 Days Old

Little Girl ( Red band)  Nuna

White Girl ( lilac Band) aka Sesi

Grey Boy ( green band ) Kenai

Sleeping baby ( Nuna)

White Girl ( Abberline)

Beautiful contented Mum

Grey Boy ( light blue band) aka Yahto


White boy ( Red band) aka Takoda

Grey boy ( Blue band)  Indy

Grey Girl ( pink band mini Moley)

Greys Together

Takoda on his back as normal !!

Sleeping beauty ( Garden Boy  Now Kenai  ) and chums.

Such a clever Girl



 Birth weight 


 weight at end of 1st week  


 Week ending 7.2.00

Eyes are open, and now walking. .

Week ending 14.3.09

Weaning well and Wormed

week Ending 21.3.09

Spending time outside, starting paper training.

 1, Grey girl pink band   ( Mini Moley)

 1lb 2,5oz  2lb 0.5oz  3lb 9oz  4lb 15.5oz  7lb 5oz

 2, Grey boy light blue band  ( Yahto)

 1lb 4.5oz  2lb 2oz  3lb 9oz  4lb 10oz  7lb 2.5oz
 3, Grey girl Purple band ( qinmiq)  1lb 1.5oz  2lb 0.5oz  3lb 7oz  4lb 14oz  6lb 12.5 oz
 4, Dark Grey girl Red band ( Nuna)  1lb 1.5oz  1lb 14.5oz  2lb 14oz  4lb 7.5oz  6lb 4 oz
 5, white boy Darker red band ( Takoda)  1lb 3oz  1lb 15.5oz  3lb 5.5oz  4ib 13oz  6lb 13.5oz
 6, Grey boy Blue band ( Indy )  1lb 2.5oz  1lb 13.5oz  3lb 1oz  4lb 7.5oz  6lb 4oz
 7, White girl Lilac band  ( Sesi)  1lb 4oz  1lb 15.5oz  3lb 2oz  4lb 9oz  6lb 10 oz
 8, White girl Yellow band  (Abberline)  1lb 2.5oz  2lb 0.5oz  3lb 3oz  4lb 12oz  6lb 11 oz
 9, Dark Grey Boy Green Band ( Kenai)  1lb 1oz  2lb 2oz  3lb 7.5oz  5lb 2oz  7lb.



week ending 4.4.09


week ending 11.4.09


 week ending 18.4.09

 1, Lupa  2lb 10oz    
 2, Yahto  12lb 9.5oz    
 3,Qinmiq  11lb 11.5oz    
 4, Nuna  11lb .5oz    
 5,Takoda  12lb 11oz    
 6, Indy  10lb 14.5oz    
 7, Sesi  11lb 6.5oz    
 8, Aberline  11lb 10.5oz    
 9, Kenai  12lb 12oz    


Moley and her Babies are doing really well, on 2nd of March a few of them started walking on all fours, they are all starting to get little personality's now and are loving a cuddle also.

They are just over a week old now and starting to get nice and plump, and sleep in the strangest places, we have to do a head count as some blend in with the many teddys they have .....

This is Abberline  ( yellow Band) she is going to live in scotland with her Auntie Xero and Lisa

Garden Boy

Girl purple Band

Girl Pink Band ( Mini Moley)

Boy Blue Band ( cheeky chappy)  with his mummy

Girl Purple band

Hiding puppies!!!!

Spot the puppy !!

They all love a hot water bottle

"This is Sisi and she is going to live with Uncle polar and Uncle Timba"

All Nine!!!

Grey gang !!

Silly sleepers !!!

( Yahto)

Takoda with his mum

Takoda and Yahto "Brotherly love"



3 Weeks old now and on the move big time, and very vocal too now !!!!  all eating puppy food / mince/ fish/ etc, hopefully this will take some of the load off poor moley, who still keeps looking at Saskias two as if to say " how come i got the raw deal" !!!!

Here are some much awaited photos of them from 2 weeks old, lots of funny sleeping positions, and messy meal times included.

Two mini moleys

All my puppies love a teddy to cuddle up too.


Someone seems to like my feet !!!

No pictures pleaseeeeeeeeeee cant a girl sleep !!!!

Poor moley copes with brusied boobys

Yogurt time yummy yum yum !!

They sleep in the strangest positions....

Sleeping beauty !!


Yogurt eating Inuits ... ( yeo valley Time)

Tiring stuff this eating lark

Paw painting with yogurt !!!  Lovely................


Milk bars open AGAIN!!!


Cant get away from me by standing up mum.....


I can reach still !!! see !!!


Abberline loves to sleep in or on the food bowl !!!


Not very lady like little miss !!


Spot the Puppies !!!!!


Photos from 3 weeks old


The two moley girls looking pretty ...

Mini moley



Smiley mummy


Sesi    is going to live in Buckinghamshire with uncle polar and Uncle Timba

Beautiful proud mum.

Takoda  Is going to Live in Kent

Lupa aka Mini Moley is going to live in the USA

Kenai is going to live in Berkshire


Yahto is going to live in kent

Nuna is going to live in Hertfordshire

Qinmiq  ( pronounced  Kin- Mik ) is going to live in Hertfordshire

Indy Is going to live with Uncle Snow Bo in Cambridge

Abberline is Going to live with Auntie Xero in scotland

Nuna telling the big bad wolf that she is boss !!!

Lupa  AKA Mini Moley is  going to the USA

Poor moley , no getting away from them now


Chilling in the Sun

The puppies have a cuddle monster.....

Watch out for the next update ;-)


Time has flown since my last update ( busy, busy) so here you will find a selection of pictures, indoors and out, these will take you up to just before 6 weeks of age .








Kenai meeting fluffy

Qin and Fluffy



Lupa, Yahto and Abberline


Terrible Twins Kenai and Nuna

Sesi and her new Daddy


Puppy paws







Abberline loves her food so much she sleeps in it !!!

White babies sleeping

Indy Posing

Lupa and Kenai






Just a few Random pics, including when they met Saskias 2 babies



Squims really wasnt too bothered when he met his babies.......

Kenai wonders if Squims has a milk bar too !!!

Handsome Daddy

Lupa Meeting Squims


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