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These beautiful Puppies all have lovely homes to go, if you would love to be owned by a Honiahaka Puppy please avoid disapointment and put your name down on our waiting list


On Saturday the 12th June Moley gave birth to 6 world cup puppies, She was very considerate and finished having the pups in time for kick off, by popular demand some of the pups pedigree names will have something to do with the world cup.
 She has given us 4 beautiful whites, 3 of those being boys and 1 lovely girly, and 2 Stunning Greys, 1 boy 1 girl.
As this might be our last litter from Moley we are keeping the Grey girl.

Puppies will be ready to go from the 10th August 2010

This is one of the first pictures taken, when we thought she was just having 4 boys.

1 Day old and all dried off .
Little Girl  ( Lilac Collar)

Lovely  White Boy  ( Blue Collar)

Lovely Grey Boy ( Orange Collar)

Big White Boy ( Red Collar)

Sweet white Boy ( Yellow Collar)

And my Beautiful Grey Girl aka Kizzy  ( pink Collar)

Puppy 1
white boy
Puppy 2
Grey Boy
Puppy 3
White Boy
Puppy 4
White Boy
Puppy 5
Grey Girl

Puppy 6

White Girl

Extra Details
1lb 6oz
1lb 5oz
1lb 4oz
1lb 3.5oz
1lb 3.5oz
1lb 1.5oz
All born at home,
all 6 have dew claws
1lb 8.5oz
1lb 6oz
1lb 6.5oz
1lb 6oz
1lb 6oz
1lb 4oz
All pups doing well
1lb 12.5oz1lb 9.5oz
1lb 10.5oz
1lb 9.5oz
1lb 9.5oz
1lb 7oz
All pups health tested and hind dew claws removed.
15.61lb 15.5oz1lb 12.5oz1lb 12.5oz1lb 12.5oz1lb 12oz1lb 8oz
White pups have pink spodges on them from the hibiscrub used to dab on the dew claws
( opps)
2lb 5oz
2lb 5oz
2lb 3.5oz
2lb 3.5oz
2lb 2oz
2lb 2.5oz

2lb 10.5oz
2lb 10.5oz
2lb 7oz
2lb 8oz
2lb 8.5oz
2lb 7oz
One week old and already trying to walk
3lb 1oz
3lb 4oz
2lb 15.5oz
2lb 15oz
Claws trimmed
3lb 7oz
3lb 9.5oz
3lb 9oz
3lb 7.5oz
3lb 8oz
3lb 7.5oz
eyes are starting to open
4lb 3.5oz
4lb 4oz
4lb 1.5oz
4lb 3.5oz
4lb 3oz
4lb 3oz

4lb 7.5oz
4lb 7.5oz4lb 3oz4lb 5oz4lb 8.5oz4lb 4.5ozWormed with puppy Drontal
4lb 14oz
4lb 14.5oz4lb 12oz4lb 15.5oz5lb 2oz4lb 13ozWalking and interacting with each other as us

1st taste of solid food and they lapped it up.
5lb 14.5oz
6lb 11oz
6lb 5.5oz
5lb 9.5oz
3 weeks old
7lb 15oz
8lb 1.5oz
8lb 0.5oz
8lb 1oz
7lb 5oz
4 weeks old all wormed with puppy drontol and had 1st taste of raw lamb bones today
10lb 10oz
10lb 1.5oz
10lb 3.5oz
11lb 9.5oz
9lb 1oz
5 weeks old Today and stealing my heart daily
12lb 12.5oz
13lb 10.5oz
12lb 7.5oz
12lb 10.5oz
14lb 10oz
11lb 0.5oz
6 weeks old
Wormed and nails trimmed
18lb 7.5oz
19lb 5.5oz
17lb 9.5oz
19lb 2oz
20lb 9.5oz
15lb 8oz
8 weeks old, 1st jab and wormed
21lb 13.5oz
Not here
21lb 3.5oz
23lb 8oz
24lb 14oz
18lb 13oz
9 weeks old

10 weeks

A few Random photos of there first week

Pressy's for puppies, 6 world cup Teddy's in a world cup hat !!


I just love Tiny Paws and Nose's

White pups nice and white..this was before the hibiscrub was used

My beautiful, beautiful Princess Moley

This is where we can see the pink hibiscrub puppies  !!

Good Old Peter Rabbit has looked after all my Babies.


Puppies are 2 weeks old in this next batch of photos, all doing really well, weaning will start at 3 weeks old, we have been bringing them into the kitchen earlier than we normally would as they like to cool tiled floor to lay on in this heat. They sleep in the strangest positions !!!


Yey the milk bars open out side now too ......

This little girl ( Nanuk) has a thing for laying in bowls..

No matter how much room they have...they must squash up against something !!

Playtime in the kitchen to build our hind legs up

Little Arctic Storm


Moley watching on as Blue boy walks by....

Arctic Storm

Beautiful Nanuk

Nanuk loves to lay on or in something


Now between 3 and 4 weeks old and getting about quite well, still love sleeping though

Little Nanuke will sleep anywhere !!!

The lovely Tor

Lovely Kaya

The Sweet Storm

Lovely Kizzy

Nanuk sleeps where ever !!

The handsome Kuma

The Beautiful Nanuk

Quick im coming


Kizzy Tank Girl


Puppies are coming up to 6 weeks old now and are already turning into clowns .


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