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Meet Mona
American Dreams for Honiahaka 

Sire: Waldo at The Wolfcrossing 

Dam: Naiya at The Wolfcrossing

Mona's Parents 

more info can be found at www.thewolfcrossing.org

Mona is an amazingly Beautiful girl and she knows it. She lives with her 

buddies Elsa and Troy but loves spending time with the others 

especially Ochi who she adores.

Sadly Mona had a bad experience at a show when she was younger 

and has since not allowed a leash near her, so at the moment she only 

stays on the farm, however we have been working on this at her pace 

so we never say never and our goal is to be taking her our for walks 

across our land with Troy and Ochi in the future. 

Mona is available for photo-shoots and wolfdog experiences but only on 

our property  to a select few.

Mona can be shy of strangers in her enclosure but out in the paddock 

can make friends quite quickly, if Mona takes to you, you will be 

honoured to be showered with kisses.

American Dreams for Honiahaka 
  5th November 2014
  Blonde ( white ) 
 Height  Approx
 66cm .........26"
 33kg ........72.5 lb
 Embark DNA
 Health Tested Clear

Baby Mona

Mona Growing up 

Mona's Photography work