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2022 News and Events

Some of the Honiahaka team will be at the following shows this year (2022) and will be happy to chat to you about their dogs and the breed in general.

Paws in the park Ardingly
14th & 15th May
South of England showground
West Sussex 
(This is a ticketed event and they can be purchased at the gate or in advance at  www.pawsinthepark.net ) 

17th & 18th September
Paws in the park
Kent County showground
(This is a ticketed event and they can be purchased at the gate or in advance at  www.pawsinthepark.net )



Lots of things have been Happening this year for honiahaka, think i may start a blog up for next year ..

Honiahaka Kami the Star of the new Zuto ad.

We were asked by Trevor at animals work to take Kami and Moley along for the day for one of them to star in an advert.

We had a great time and the dogs really enjoyed all the fuss they got.


Honiahaka Kids promote the breed in National dogs magazine ....so proud of our dogs.

A whole page of our most beautiful girl 


Moley on the Northern Inuit dog Facts page.

Myself with Kami, Ochi and Moley, i had no idea they were going to put me in it too.

Ochi on the index cover.

One of our homebred boys Logan

Honiahaka Dances with Wolves.

Logans half brother, the handsome Badger.

 Dogigami Photo shoot

We are lucky to have met some lovely people this year who have come and taken some unusual photos of the Honiahaka kids.

2013 show results 

                                                                                              The kids are doing us proud in the show ring again this year...

30th June 2013 Doncaster BUA show

Judge Charles  Metcalf 

Beautiful Dream  ( Honiahaka Dream a Little Dream)

1st Northern Inuit Puppy Bitch

Best Northern Inuit Puppy in show 

1st Wolf a like Puppy

Best wolf a like Puppy in show 

 Judges critique

Dream Best Northern Inuit puppy in show

Judge Charles Metcalf
Minor Puppy/puppy bitch
1st Tracey Fowler Honiahaka Dream a little Dream 9 month old bitch a real baby. Although she stood and showed really well, and stood to be examined she showed she was only a baby when she was on the move. As she is only a youngster this will all tighten up as she matures. Pleased to award her Best Puppy

Our stunning Wolfy girl Kami 

(Honiahaka Kioku no Kokoro no Kami)

1st Northern Inuit  Yearling

1st Wolf a like Bitch

Reserve best wolf a like in show 

Judges critique Charles Metcalf

Special Yearling Bitch and Wolf a like Bitch 1st Tracey Fowler Honiahaka Kioku no Kokoro no Kami, 21 month old bitch nice head and ear carriage. Pleasing expression. Used her ears to her advantage. Nice angulation front and rear. Very sound in movement.

Our handsome boy Ochi 

(Mahlek Ochi memorian bono fractre at Honiahaka)

1st Northern Inuit Stud dog

Reserve best Northern Inuit in show

Judges critique Charles Metcalf
Stud Dog 1st Tracey Fowler Mahlek Ochi Memorian Bono Fractre at Honiahaka.

2 ½ year old male with a good head and very pleasing expression well used ears which he used to his advantage. He has nice angulation in both front and rear and when settled he showed a good movement front rear and on profile. Pleased to award him reserve best in show.

30th June  BTD show ring Doncaster

 Our stunning Wolfy girl Kami ( Honiahaka Kioku no Kokoro no Kami)

Judge  Jane Willingale

1st Wolf look a like Bitch

1st Northern Inuit Bitch  Diploma of Merit award

Judges critique Jane Willingham

1st Tracey Fowler Honiahaka Kioku no Kokoro no Kami 21 month old bitch in excellent condition. Feminine head and expression, good ear set which she used well. Good angulation both front and rear. Nice bone. Move well once she had settled.

Handled by Glenda Templeman

 Our handsome boy Ochi ( Mahlek Ochi memorian bono fractre at Honiahaka)

1st Wolf a like Stud dog

1st Northern Inuit dog  and a Diploma of merit 

Best of Breed

and Reserve best in show 

Judges critique 

Judge Jane willingham
1st Tracey Fowlers Mahlek Ochi Memoriam bono Fractre at Honiahaka : 2 year old male in excellent condition. Good masculine head and expression. Good angulation and bone. Moved well coming going and on profile. Has a lot to offer the breed.

26th May 2013 the BUA Towie revisited show 

Judge D Beckford

Our beautiful New Girl Hope  

( Machine Lady Sirius for Honiahaka)

1st Northern Inuit Minor Puppy Handled by our Daughter Georgina.

Beautiful Dream  ( Honiahaka Dream a Little Dream)

1st Northern Inuit  Puppy

Our stunning Wolfy girl Kami 

( Honiahaka Kioku no Kokoro no Kami) 

1st Northern Inuit Yearling

1st Wolf a Like Bitch

Reserve Best wolf a like in show

Our handsome boy Ochi  

(Mahlek Ochi memorian bono fractre at Honiahaka) 

1st Northern Inuit Stud dog

Best Northern Inuit in show

1st wolf a like dog

Best wolf a like in show

Ochi and kami stealing the show with Best in show and reserve best of breed.

The lovely Rafe  ( Honiahaka Mystic Dreamer)

1st Northern inuit Puppy dog

1st Northern Inuit junior dog

1st wolf a like Puppy

Best Northern Inuit Puppy in show and best wolf a like puppy in show.

Honiahaka steals the show again...


I Really want to show off these stunning photos taken on our recent photo shoot with Vivid Photography ( now known as Salli Gainsford photography) who have added us to their books for people to book the dogs for photo shoots ....very excited about this new venture of ours .


Squims - Mahlek quimiq for honiahaka.....Best Stud dog in show

Saskia- Mahlek olakhota Saskia at Honiahaka  Best Brood bitch in show and Best members dog in show

Bear - Honiahaka Snow Bear 1st Open Dog

Ochi - Mahlek Ochi .3rd Minor Puppy   3rd Members Puppy

Kizzy  - Honiahaka Kizzy kon tikki 2nd Judge would like to take home

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Honiahaka Kids who took part, we are so proud of you all

Rivershey Soo Valley for Honiahaka at Ambrakir

2nd special yearling 5th NIS members adult 1st appealing eyes 4th judge would like to take home and....Best Novelty in Show :))Cana ( Honiahaka Khoka San)
4th Most appealing eyes

 Bella (Honiahaka Twilight Dancer)
4th Best condition
5th Yearling
5th pretty bitch

Kiba ( Honiahaka Kiba Oyobi Tsume)
4th yearling
2nd members adult
2nd and reserve best white NI in show

 Souly ( Honiahaka Spirit of Matoskah)
2nd most handsome
3rd open dog
5th neutered dog
1st and best White NI in show

 Lucian (Honiahaka Lord of Light)
2nd in Neutered Dog
3rd in Special Yearling Dog

Yahto (Honiahaka Teetonka)
3rd Neutered Dog
3rd best mover

Xero (Honiahaka Silva Apache)
 1st Adult bitch
 4th Members Adult Bitch
 5th best mover

 ♥ Ella our team mascot
 2nd in most appealing eyes

Well done Kids
Kiba ( Honiahaka Kiba Oyobi T'sume) From Anya X Squims 2010 Litter has just had he's scores back at another wonderful 3-4 total 7

Indy ( Honiahaka Indigo blue) from Moley X Squims 2009 litter has just had he's scores back at a wonderful 3-4 total 7 for hips and 0-0 elbows.


The new points system the NIS has in place for the shows has paid off for us

We are Pleased to announce  that
Honiahaka Snow Bear has won the title of Northern Inuit Dog of the year 2010
and White Northern Inuit dog of the year 2010 too.

 Mahlek Olakhota Saskia has won Reserve members Adult 2010
and Honiahaka Teetonka aka yahto-wolf  Has won the Spayed/neutered of the year 2010.

Amersham NIS Show 2010

Team Honiahaka did us proud again at this show  and one of Squims babies Rivershey whistler took Best Puppy in show

Honiahaka Snow Bear
1st Adult Dog
3rd Stud Dog
1st and Best White Northern Inuit
3rd Fastest Sausage eater

Mahlek Lelou Just for Honiahaka
2nd NIS members Adult
1st Best Mover
Sp  Pretty Bitch

Honiahaka Dances with Wolves
2nd Minor Puppy
2nd NIS Members Puppy

Honiahaka Twilight Dancer
4th Minor Puppy
3rd NIS Members puppy
4th Cutest Puppy
1st Fastest Sausage eater
Honiahaka Teetonka
1st Neutered dog
4th Most Wolfy Looking

Honiahaka Lord of Light
1st Best Condition
5th Puppy 6-12 months

Honiahaka Kyla Laiden
1st Special Yearling

Tatty teddy aka Hugo
3rd Cutest Puppy

Honiahaka Spirit of Matoskah
Sp  Most Handsome dog

Honiahaka Kiba Oyobi T'sume
3rd White NI
Sp Most Handsome dog
5th  Best Condition

Ella Bella Mozzarella  our Team Mascot
1st Dog judge would like to take home
4th Pretty Bitch
Reserve Best Novelty in Show
Essex Show May 2010

Rivershey soo valley for Honiahaka at Ambrakir ( Squims Baby)
3rd Minor puppy
1st Cutest Puppy
Honiahaka Kiba Oyobi T’sume
3rd Puppy
4th White NI
4th Best Condition
5th Most Handsome dog
6th NIS Members Puppy

Honiahaka Makoce At’eed Sitala
5th Puppy
4th cutest Puppy
5th NIS Members Puppy

Neverland Alpha Feldspa  ( Squims Baby)
1st Yearling
NIS Best In Show

Mahlek Olakhota Saskia at Honiahaka
6th Open Bitch
1st Brood Bitch
Best Brood bitch in show
1st NIS Members Adult

Honiahaka Snow Bear
1st Open Dog
1st White NI
2nd Stud Dog
2nd Best Mover
Best White Dog in Show

Honiahaka Hototo
2nd White NI
4th Neutered Dog
5th Best Mover

Honiahaka Lord of Light
3rd NIS Members Puppy
6th Most Handsome Dog
Mahlek Stairway to Heaven for Honiahaka
1st Anything Goes
5th Best Brace
5th Cutest Puppy
2nd Dog Judge would like to take home

Honiahaka Kyla Liaden
4th NIS Members Adult
5th Best Brace
3rd Prettiest bitch

Honiahaka Snowbo Bear
3rd Handsome dog
1st Best Brace

Honiahaka Indigo Blue
1st Best Brace

Well Done to all Our Kids on Great Results

BUA & NIS Combined Scottish Show May 23rd 2010

Honiahaka Kyla Laiden and her Owner Nick
1st in obediance
1st Yearling
Well done Kyla we see you are following in your Mums paw prints
**2009 NIS Show results for the Honiahaka Pack and their kids**

Skipton Show 30th August

Mahlek Quimiq at Honiahaka
1st Open Dog
2nd Stud Dog
2nd NIS Members Dog
Honiahaka Tiva
2nd Open Bitch
3rd NIS Members Adult Dog

Mahlek Lelou Just for Honiahaka
3rd Minor Puppy
2nd Members Puppy

Honiahaka Kyla Laiden
Reserve NIS Members Puppy of the year

Amersham Show 2nd August
1st Adult Bitch 
Honiahaka Inuit spirit aka Moley

Mahlek Quimiq for Honiahaka

1st Adult Dog

Best Northern Inuit in show

Mahlek lelou Just for Honiahaka

1st Minor Puppy

6th Junior Handler with Ben Warren



We Had a great weekend at all about Dogs at the breed stand again this year, the weather was the complete opposite of last year, ( a little to hot, but dry!!!!), it was lovely Meeting lots of new faces and catching up with old friends too!!

Honiahaka Kennels At all About Dogs May '08

 Have been invited for the 3rd year running, to be breed advisors, for The Northern Inuit Dog, at this years ALL ABOUT DOGS on 10th/11th may at the Brentwood Center, Brentwood Essex. Please feel free to come and visit us at the stand, where we will have photos of many northern inuits displayed and plenty of information on our beautiful dogs.


25th November 2007

Phil from Culpeppers came and gave us a talk and Demo on rig pulling/Sledging with our dogs.

What a great time we had, and now have the bug, below are a few short video's that were taken on the day.

we had a blast at the sledging weekend, Anya and saskia really had fun.

13th October 2007

Catalan sheep dog show

We took 4 of our dogs to this show and had a brilliant day,

Moley came 2nd in Northern Inuit Puppy being beaten by Quimiq who won the class

Kas came Second in Yearling dog

Saskia came 1st in the open Northern Inuit class

we came second in happy families with all 4 dogs

Saskia got reserve best in show and we were really pleased as she has only been off the farm once since winning at Oldham last year.

Quimiq won best of breeds puppy in show

and then went on to win Best A.v Puppy in show.

Our winnings for the day 

The wolf man comes to Essex to give us a talk on wolves.

for a full day talk and workshop with Shaun Ellis.

The weekend started with Shaun, Julie and sarah from The Wolf pack Management Team Turning up here after a long drive from Devon.

Saturday night we all had the honor of Shaun joining us for a Drink & BBQ  down in the camping field, where lots of people were staying ready for the talk on Sunday.

SUNDAY consisted of a 2 hour talk on his work with the wolves, followed by a behavioral workshop with our dogs.

He is one of the most down to earth people i have ever met, and nothing is too much trouble for him, His training and communication methods are out of this world.

Shaun is also now a proud owner of a 20 month old Northern Inuit Dog, Who he will train to be his companion, and will take with him when he does his wolf talks in schools etc..

Shaun Ellis in Essex

Shaun Ellis Came here the 1st weekend in September '07, to give The Northern Inuit Society Members and friends a insight into his work and life with Wolves, and also a behavioral workshop with our dogs.

We all had a fantastic weekend, his training methods are amazing and really do work, We were lucky enough to have Shaun and his helpers stay here in the farmhouse with us, and our dogs, below are some photos of the day.