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Meet  Ochi
 Mahlek Ochi Memoriam bono Fractre at Honiahaka
Meaning: In memory of my brother

Sire : Society's Choice Iktomi at Mahlek

Dam : Rowyn Arnaluk at Mahlek

Ochi, lovingly know as Dufus. He is the clown of our pack as well as being a great diffuser in his younger days.

Ochi has sired some outstanding puppies over the years, who have gone on to become founder dogs for new breeding clubs, sports dogs, PAT dogs and therapy dogs as well as  amazing family pets all over the world.

Ochi has retired from his stud duties and now spends his days here with his best friend Louie, keeping the youngsters in check. He has also started doing some photography work in his senior years.

Ochi is a Northern Inuit Dog

Mahlek Ochi Memoriam bono Fractre at Honiahaka 
 2nd December 2010
 Eye colour 
 27" to shoulders 
 Health Info
 BVA  total 8
 BVA 0-0
 BVA Clear
  Clear grade 0
 Tested Clear
 Tested Carrier
 Pituitary Dwafisim
 My dog DNA
 Profiled  ID 5120
 Embark DNA
 Tested Clear of  all 165 Health conditions 
 Colour Traits 
 Registered with
 Northern Inuit Society & 
International Wolfalike Compainion Registry 

Baby Ochi 

Ochi Growing up (under construction )

Some of Ochi's Off spring (under construction)    

Show results ( More to follow)

At The British Utonagan Show Ochi won the following

2nd Stud dog

2nd appealing eyes

2nd most Wolfie

2nd Judge would like to take home2nd Most Handsome

Only being beaten in all the above classes by he's handsome Grandad Spirit

At the UK Wolf Sancturay Show Ochi did really well and won the following

1st Most Wolfie

2nd Most Wolfie eyes

1st Most Handsome

1st Best Northern Inuit

 Photo's by Aroha Uea

At the BUA Summer show in Doncaster Ochi did us proud

  In the Northern Inuit classes 

1st Yearling ,

1st Stud dog 

Best In Show In the Wolf-A-Like Classes

1st Open Dog

In the Novelty classes

3rd Most Appealing eyes

1st Most Wolfy