Louie Moley and Koko


Home of the Northern Inuit Dog, Wolfalike Dog
         and American Wolfdogs in the UK   

Welcome to the Wonderful world of our  Northern Inuit girls:

Below you will find photos of all of our girls with links to their own pages,  our past girls can now be found on the rainbow bridge page.

just click on the photo to be re directed. 

We hope you enjoy our site.

Our Northern Inuit Girls

Honiahaka Miracle of Angels aka Angel 

Honiahaka Santa Baby aka Eden 

Fireborn Fall of Light made for Honiahaka  ( page coming soon)

Honiahaka Kioku no Kokoro no Kami aka Kami   (Retired)

Honiahaka Dream a Little Dream aka Dreamy (Retired)

Machine Lady Sirius for Honiahaka aka Hope ( Retired)

Honiahaka Tourmaline Dreams aka Elsa 

Mahlek Lelou just for Honiahaka aka Louie (Retired)