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Home of the Northern Inuit Dog and Wolfalike Dog in the UK   

Our Wolfalike Dogs UK (Wolf wannabe's)

Welcome to our wolfalike page.

Here we will post the out-crosses we keep, 

some will go back into the breeding program 

whilst others will be just our pets and dog models.

The aim of our wolfalike out-cross program is to create

a healthier wolfy looking dog whilst maintaining the

temperament and family loving nature of our 

wonderful Honiahaka Northern Inuits.

All of our wolfalike dogs go back to some of the 

original Northern Inuit lines, and some of our older

Honiahaka Lines which in turn enables us to keep the

size and temperament we are renowned for.

Please click on each dogs photo to be taken to their page

Wolfalike Dogs UK

Honiahaka Nova the incredible Journey ~ Kootz 

Honiahaka Nova Ice Ice Baby ~ Lupa 

Honiahaka Nova Stormborn ~ Drake
( Limited stud ) 

Olderhill Alpha Draco with Honiahaka ~ Draco

Draco is available for outside stud in 2021 only 

Honiahaka Nova Chocolate Fondant ~ Pudding

Olderhill Alpha Albus ~ Kaos 

 Available for outside stud in  2021 & 2022

Honiahaka Nova one of a kind ~ Jim

Arwen vom Emsland at Valkyrie Wolfalikes ~Tesla

More info on our Wolfalike Dogs in the UK drop us an email.