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We are proud to announce the birth of Saskia and Squims 2 baby girls......

Two beautiful Girls born on 12th March 2009.

Both these precious beautiful girls have fantastic homes to go to and will be spoilt rotten for sure ....


Saskia is not the easiest of bitches to whelp so it was a blessing in disguise when she just had 2 big beautiful girls, Thank you  Kelly for using your day off again to help with our girl, we owe you big time !!

Mummy and babies seem fine , we have one Black and white who i think will go lighter quicker than Tiva, she weighed  1lb 4.5 oz,and we have one Silver who is the Image of her mum, even down to the heart on her head and tip on her tail she weighed a whopping 1lb 8.5 oz.

Here are a few pics i took quickly this morning.

Cana     ( pronounced Kar na) Is going to live in hertfordshire

Kyla  Is going to live in hertforshire and holiday-ing in Ireland ;-)

Proud but tired mummy

Now they have dried out a bit it looks like the Dark girl  ( Cana) will turn lighter and either be like her dad or a real charcoal grey.

You can see from this photo the silver hairs she has already.

Kyla  is going to be very light in colour i think.

Saskia is so proud of her babies .....

Follow this page for regular updates on these two precious girls....



 Birth Weight

12th March


13th March


14th March


16th March


18th March 


21st March  

 Grey  Girl  (kyla)

 1lb 8oz  1lb 12.5oz  2lb 1oz  2lb 9oz  3lb 1oz  3lb 12.5oz
 Dark Grey Girl (Cana)  1lb 4.5oz  1lb 9oz  1lb 13.5oz  2lb 7oz  2lb 14.5oz  3lb 9oz




26th March Wormed


2nd April


9th April


16th April


23rd April


 5lb 1oz



 4lb 14.5oz







The Girls are a week old now and coming along great guns, as you can see they are big heavy girls and totally stunning. Saskia is being a wonderful mum.



Two big wrigglers, wont be long before these are mobile


23 March 2009

Both girls have opened their eyes today and have started doing the wobbly walk ......

Cana is changing colour by the day, she is a lovely smokey colour down her side with lots of silver flecks running through her coat, a real stunner.

Kyla is a stunning silver Beauty just like her mum ..

She is a little fatty......

At 2.5 weeks old the two girls ventured out into the big wide world for the first time....

At 3 weeks old they went in the garden this time with mummy and auntie Moley.

Mum keeping a watch



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