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SASKIA'S  Past Litter

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Dam ; Mahlek Olakhota Saskia at Honiahaka  B.V.A Hip score 8-6 




On the weekend of the 7th July, all puppies went to thier new homes, one went to Buckinghamshire, One went to Kent, and one to Scotland, 2 stayed in Essex.

We wish all the new owners of these beautiful puppies, lots of luck and happiness for a long future together.

Honiahaka Silver Moon (aka Storm)


Storm came to visit just before christmas, and is a handsome boy, standing 27" to the shoulder already.


Honiahaka Silva Apache  (aka Xero)

Xero came to Visit just before Christmas and is turninginto a stunner just like her mum.


Honiahaka Snow Blizzard (aka  Polar)



Polar (aka Zard) came to stay with us before going to his new home in Buckinghamshire.

Here he is at 6 months old, and what a big Beauty he is.


With bear in the forest

He has his mums head and is just as scatty !!!

Im, coming dad im coming!!!!!!!

Handsome boy..............

" So whats over there then Bro "


Bear is Staying at Honiahaka

you can see bear on his own page

Honiahaka Snow Bear

5 1/2 weeks old



Honiahaka Tiva

3 Boys

all together

Tired Saskia

Honiahaka Silver Moon

silver Boy and White boy

All together






Day 2       Mum and pups went to the vets for a health check.

Saskia was given a good going over and a clean bill of health,

puppies were all given a thorough check and all puppies have a clean bill of health, and those who had dew claws had them removed.



Day 3

Oh Im so tired this is hard work


Our silver patched beauty (Xero)


Our two White boys ( Bear and Polar)


Tiva & Storm

Beautiful Mum



Day 5

Mum and pups doing well, pups are starting to turn black on their  nose's and paws now.

Honiahaka Silver Moon


Honiahaka Snow Bear


Honiahaka Silva Apache


Honiahaka Snow Blizzard


Honiahaka Tiva

Content puppy





We are now 2 weeks old

Our eyes are open and we have started walking around the welping pen, we play with each other now and are getting vocial in play now too.

im so tired its all this eating

Honiahaka Silver Moon

aka Baby Storm


Honiahaka Silva Apachy

Our lovely dark girl

Dinner time

"help how do i get down"


2 1/2 Weeks old,

Honiahaka Snow Bear


Honiahaka Snow Blizzard


Honiahaka Silver Moon


Honiahaka Silva Apache


Honiahaka  Tiva


 Puppy Birth weight   Dew claws  Health checked weight 24.5.07   weight 26.5.07
 Bear  1lb 4 1/2 oz  removed  Yes/Good  1lb 8 1/2 oz  1lb 14 1/2 oz
 Storm  1lb10   oz  removed  Yes/Good  1lb 14 oz  2lb 4 3/4 oz
 Blizzard(black ear tips)  1lb 9 oz  removed Yes/Good   1lb 10 3/4 oz  2lb 1 3/4 oz
 Tiva  1lb 6 oz  none  Yes/Good  1lb 10oz  1lb 15 1/2 oz
 Xero Patch Girl  1lb 3 1/2 oz  removed  Yes/Good  1lb 7 3/4 oz  1lb 13 oz



 Weight 28.5.07

 Weight 31.5.07  Weight 5.6.07  Weight 9.6.07 Weight  16.6.07
 Bear  2lb 8oz  3lb 2oz  4lb 1oz 5lb 3 1/2oz   6lb 8oz
 Storm  2lb 15oz  3lb 6 3/4 oz  4lb 8 1/2 oz  5lb 12 3/4 oz  7lb 7oz
 Blizzard (black ear tips)  2lb 10 1/2 oz  3lb 3 1/2 oz  4lb 3oz  5lb 8 1/2 oz  7lb 1oz
 Tiva the diva   2lb 9 oz  3lb 11/2 oz  4lb 4oz  5lb 6 oz  6lb 10 oz
 Xero Patch Girl  2lb 3 3/4 oz  2lb 9 3/4 oz  3lb 11 oz  4lb 12 1/2 oz  6lb 2 1/2 oz

All pups have been wormed and are now eating food, and are very

active, they love playing in the garden, and tripping me over 


3rd July 07 All pups went to the vets today to have there heath check and 1st Injection, all puppies were given a clean bill of health.:)

Storm  6.5kg 

Blizzard 6.1kg

Tiva 5.7kg

Bear 5.3kg

Xero 4.9kg


Here we are now, 4 weeks old and eating on our own, we still have a drink from mum a few times a day, we are lively, happy pups.

Here are a few slide shows for you to view of us.

Honiahaka Snow Bear & Snow Blizzard







Honiahaka Sliver Moon





Honiahaka Tiva





Honiahaka silva Apache





All together



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