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Shanti X Bear Babies are Here

Shanti gave birth to 3 beautiful babies on 5th and 6th April.


Shanti is proving to be a wonderful first time mummy 


White boy aka Spirit who is going to Durham

Silver Girl aka Nanna who is going to South Africa

Dark Girl .......Due to change of circumstances this Stunning blue eyed little Girl is available.










 White Boy

aka Spirit

 Silver Girl

aka Freya

 Dark Girl

 1lb 6oz


 1lb 3.5oz

1lb 4oz
 7/4/12 1lb 8.5oz
 1lb 5.5oz
 1lb 6oz

 vet checked

hind dew claws removed


 1lb 11oz

 1lb 8.5oz
 1lb 8.5oz

 2lb 2oz

 1lb 15.5oz
 1lb 15oz

2lb 5.5oz

 2lb 3oz
 2lb 2oz
 Puppies getting active now

  3lb 1oz

 2lb 15oz
 2lb 14oz
 eyes opening

  3lb 9.5oz

 3lb 6.5oz
 3lb 6oz
 All have eyes open now

 3lb 13.5oz

 3lb 9.5oz
 3lb 9.5oz
 2 weeks old and playing

  4lb 6oz

 4lb 1.5oz
 4lb 1.5oz

  4lb 11.5oz

 4lb 5.5oz
 4lb 8oz


 5lb 7oz
 5lb 1oz
 5lb 6.5oz
 Wormed with puppy Drontal


 5lb 15oz
 5lb 11oz


 6lb 6.5oz
 6lb 3.5oz
 6lb 11oz
 just under 4weeks old


Puppies up to 2 weeks old











Following set of Photos taken by Ben Law







Beautiful Mummy Shanti





2 weeks old

3 weeks onwards




















1st Day out in the Garden











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