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The Rainbow Bridge

For those we have loved and lost

The last of our home bred ponies.

Mia 2004-2023

Orponsgate Mia

Mia a little welshy with a big heart and amazing resilience. Completely blind from 6 weeks old, you lived as normal a life as we could give you and defined the odds against you. You will always be our Filly Foaly, Gallop free beautiful girl, feel that wind in your mane and see all the things you haven't before....We will meet day sweet girl.

20221213_105747 (2).jpg
The shock of the year

Eden 2015-2023

Not a days illness in your life, the toughest little pack member ever, always bouncing around by my side. The most wonderful attentive, playful mum/auntie. I was convinced you would be the peter pan of our pack and live to a ripe old age.


Fate decided your path, that took you away from us. 


Shocked and devastated that you are no longer here by my side. I know you will be loving life at the rainbow bridge with the pack, winding them up just like you did here. I miss you with all my heart. 

The ultimate dufus dog

Ochi  2010-2022

Our tiny grumpy puppy with the wolfy type coat, from the moment we chose you, we knew you were going to be something special.


You caused us tears of laughter and tear of sorrow, our dufus dog, never a wall flower but always kind, you were the total stud of the pack, the girls adored you and the boys envied you. One of our top show dogs, you could feel your presence as soon as you entered the ring, the champion of champions. We will never find another like you. We miss your annoying noise, something we never thought we would miss. Run free big guy, back with your pack, save a space for us up there.

IMG_6067 (2).jpg
candle 1.jpg
The Queen of us all.

Kami aka Womble 2011-2022

You were a gift from heaven the day you were born, you graced us with your beauty and enriched our lives to the max.

You became my soul mate, my heart dog, my adventure buddy and my shadow. Never did a dog steal so many hearts and make so many friends as you did.


It took me 10 months to post about loosing dream, its take 13 to move you to this page. My world came crashing down around me the day we had to say goodbye, we knew we were living with a ticking time bomb, not knowing when that day we dreaded so much would come. We watched you like a hawk, most times around the clock, the slightest out of the ordinary  movement or look and you were straight to the vets.


We spent months making memories with you as we didn't know when the last adventure would be.


We have been totally crushed since you grew your wings and headed to the rainbow bridge, the passion well and truly went with you.


I look for you every day, I chat to you and then i get a stab to the heart remembering you are not there anymore.


We all miss you so much Kam kam, our hearts are shattered even more.


Let me rest a while.

Our busy lives mean we are on the go,
I’m getting older don’t you know.
I always want to be by your side,
But please take a moment to rest a while.

I love our walks,
Even our daily challenges,
My body aches and my mind gets tired,
So take a moment to rest a while.

When I’m resting I’m young and free,
We run the fields endlessly,
We swim in lakes and go for hikes,
In my dreams I never tire.
So leave me longer to rest a while.

Now off we go on our next adventure,
I wonder where this day will take us.
I need to be by your side,
But just remember to rest a while.

Written by: Tracey Fowler

Collage_HD 2023-05-09 19_42_27.jpg
 Our little foxy lady.

Lelou aka Louie 2009-2021

You came to us as a tiny scared puppy, but grew with confidence and grace, you became the leader but never let that power go to your head. We had to let you go while you still had your dignity intact, something we promise we will always do.

Its so quite without you, we miss that woo wooing and your little fancy strut. Your legacy lives on here with your daughter and granddaughter, who are so very like you. Run free our most beautiful foxy lady, until we meet again. 

IMG_6015 (2)-1.jpg
My heart broke into a million pieces.

Dream 2012-2020

My heart broke into a million pieces when you tragically left us, you took my heart and my passion for the breed with you.

You took your last breath in my arms, I couldn't believe you had gone. Things will never be the same again here. Its taken me 8 months to add you to this page, as I still cant believe you have gone. 


Dream by name and a true Dream by nature.

IMG_6408 (2).jpg
many-burning-candles-shallow-depth-260nw-524316046 (2).jpg
You Tested us till the end.

Quimiq aka Squims 2007-2019

You aged so very suddenly this past year, and when your friend Anya left us it was as if you gave up on life too. I knew that day you sat there with that look on your face that something was wrong.

I would never of imagined that we wouldn't be bringing you home to say goodbye. 

Our tester...Our protector.. Our character Judge, you were never wrong.

Its so quite here without you. Run free Squimmy Darling, may you be with your pack now, back together 

again, our originals causing havoc over the rainbow bridge.

You were where "Honiahaka" began.

Anya 2005-2019

We knew the time was near but it never gets easy when you have to make that decision.

We wanted you to go with the dignity you so deserved. You were the peter pan of the Northern inuit world, always a skip in your step and a smile on your face, we will never forget that twinkle in your eye.... Our Nanny Narna.

You survived 18 months longer than your diagnoses, you were a true fighter. Your legacy lives on in your children and grandchildren and now your great great grandchildren. 

You really are so missed. Run free our beautiful girl.

pretty -3.jpg
Saying goodbye was never going to be easy

Kizzy 2010-2017

December 2017 we found out you had the dreaded C word, "Lung Cancer". Too far gone to try to do anything to help you, you never showed any symptoms until it was too late, such a brave wonderful girl. We believe it was the side effects of a medication you were on to help your itchy skin, I'm so sorry Kizzy darling, we thought we were helping you.

We are so pleased you got to spend time with your grandkids before you left us, you really were one of the kindest Inuits we have ever met. Kizzy Darling you were one of a kind, a real pleasure to be owned by.

Back with your mummy Moley now. 

Run free our beautiful girl, until we meet again.

Christmas eve angel

Tiva 2007-2016

On the 24th December 2016 we made the heartbreaking decision to send Tiva to the rainbow bridge, after finding out the pacemaker she had fitted 3 weeks earlier had failed.

We are so sorry we put you through 3 weeks of confinement, never would we ever do that again.

You were always such a happy girl, we miss your silly annoying ways.

Run Free Beautiful girl chasing those squirrels along the way.

Until we meet again Tiva Diva 

We never had you long enough 

Spirit 2005-2016

You fell asleep from a broken heart with your kids sat around you, the best way to go.

We only had the pleasure of you being with us for 5 years, after your owner passed away, and what a wonderful 5 years they were.

We knew you were different. You gave us an insight into wolfdogs which started our journey.

You are missed so very much, you have left behind an amazing legacy.

Run fee our Mr Wolf , Back with Moley the love of your life, together forever.

Forever in our hearts.

snow days 313xx.jpg
My whole world fell apart the day you passed

Moley 2007-2016

You were my world, my soulmate my princess my everything, my heart broke into a thousand pieces the 

day you suddenly left me. 

! never got to say goodbye or tell you how much I loved you, I wasn't there when your heart stopped beating, your daddy tried to save you but you had already gone. I miss you so much my heart will never be the same. 

Wait for me my Princess we will be reunited one day soon, until then stay by my mum and dads side and I'll know where to find you. 

I was lucky to have you as my Heart and Soul dog.


Never out of my mind , always and forever in my heart.

Far to good for this world.

Tiny Tim 2015

Only with us for a short time but what a big impact you made, from struggling to survive when you were born, picking up at 2 weeks of age and then taken from us at a month, life really can be so cruel, and they say a breeders life is easy. 

Such a character who even  though he was the small one he always fought his way to the 

milk bar.

tiny tim2.jpg
Tiny Tim1 (2)-1.jpg
Life can be so unkind

Kaskae 2006-2015

Our Handsome boy Kas has crossed over the rainbow bridge . 

After a small spell of lameness, we took Kas to the vets for what we thought was just a sprained 

knee. X-rays showed otherwise.

Sadly kas was put to sleep on the 20th May 2015 a few weeks after we discovered he has aggressive form of bone cancer.

Yet again our hearts have been broken by a truly amazing soul. One who will never be forgotten.

Run Free our Tigger boy  now out of pain, and bouncing around the rainbow bridge.

Kas 12.jpg
The beginning of Honiahaka

Saskia 2005-2013

On Thursday 5th September 2013 Our Beautiful Girl Saskia left our lives, she was one of the 2 puppies that started the Honiahaka family off.  Saskia and her sister where lovingly known as our Naughty girls.  She was the first ever Registered Northern Inuit to win a Northern Inuit Society Gold Star award ( CC) and was breath taking to watch as she strutted her stuff in the ring.

Saskia Had 2 litters of Puppies for us here but she was never cut out for motherhood.

This Naughty, Cheeky girl will always live on at Honiahaka, not only in her off spring but always in our 


Sleep tight Whirly tail, wait for us over the bridge.

You gave your all and took me over fences when I closed my eyes. 

Mellow 1978-2012

We sadly had to have our 34yo old boy Mellow put to sleep on May 2nd 2012. 

He did me proud and was always there with a shoulder to lean on, someone to tell all my problems 

to as he gently nuzzled my tears away.

H took me over some of the scariest cross country courses and through some too I may add.

I Miss you so much old boy, this place will never be the same without you, I still look for you under your tree, gallop across those green fields until your hearts is content.

You were not ready for this world.

Mini ini 2011

Our Beautiful Mini Ini was just too precious for this world.

Born too early he's lungs had not developed enough to inflate, he fought for two and a half weeks but sadly passed away in Georgie's arms .  


Run free beautiful Ini.

mini ini.jpg
With a heavy heart we had to say goodbye.

Saracen 1999-2009

It was with a heavy heart that on 1st May 2009 we had our old GSD put to sleep.

Sarris was a much loved and valued member of our family and one that is sadly missed every day a great friend to all that met him, a huge gentle giant.

Run free old boy out of pain now, look after dad and 

keep those pesky puppies in check over the bridge. 

Heaven wanted an angel.

Tala 17/06-07/08 2008

Tala went to the bridge today, this lovely small puppy captured so many hearts, she was truly loved by all 

that met her and all that shared her sad story, may she run free and cause Havoc where ever she goes, we will never forget you our sweet girl, till we meet again god bless and goodbye xxx 

The first wolfie to enter our home.

Sulin Shakira aka Wolfie  27/08/03 - 26/03/05

Our Beautiful Utonagan puppy who was turning into a stunning Adult, such a shame what was going on inside you didn't allow for you to become one.

No hip sockets and the spine of a 10 year old, genetics at its worst. 

It broke everyone's heart that Easter weekend when the pain was unbearable for you.

Run free our sweet sweet girl, one day we will be reunited for those wonderful cuddles you gave.

Out of pain never out of our thoughts .

It was because of you that we made it our mission to make sure all dogs like you came from only the best breeders who health tested.


ponies25thmarch 011-1.jpg
The welsh hills were calling.

Ceulan Pablo 1988-2006

This is Pablo our Welsh mountain pony stallion, who was sadly put to sleep on 24th August 2006 after a 

battle with cancer.

After the first surgery it came back with a vengeance , it was time to say no more.

Pablo will always be with us in spirit and never far from our thoughts, see you over the bridge old boy, 

enjoy those lush green hills over the bridge.

ponies&dogs 029-1.jpg
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