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Tiva X Spirit Babies are Here

Pleased to announce the Safe and healthy arrival of Tiva's Stunning dark Beauties

1 Boy and 4 Girls.

A very smooth and quick whelp which was over with in just 3 hours.

1 of these puppies will stay black whilst the other 4 should turn charcoal/Smokey to light grey like their dad.

 All 5 of these beauties have homes already lined up, with one going off to the USA and one making a Journey to South Africa


Blue collar boy aka Shinobi  going to North Carolina

Purple collar Girl aka Kymba Staying in UK

Pink spotty collar girl aka Nanna going to South Africa

Pink collar with hearts aka Prada  going to Scotland 

Orange collar girl aka Nukka staying in UK

 3 of the Girls

All together

Weight chart

 Blue Collar


 Lilac/purple collar


 Pink Collar

Girl Hearts

Pink Collar

Girl Spots

 Orange Collar


Other things



 1lb 3.5oz
 1lb 5.5oz
 1lb 6oz
 1lb 6oz
 1lb 5.5oz all puppies born with in 3 hrs
 24.3.12 1lb 5.5oz
 1lb 8.5oz
 1lb 8oz
 1lb 7.5oz
 1lb 7.5oz
 25.3.121lb 8.5oz
1lb 11oz
1lb 11oz
1lb 11.5oz
1lb 10.5oz
Hind Dew claws removed
 26.3.12 1lb 12oz
1lb 14.5oz
1lb 15oz
1lb 15oz
1lb 13.5oz
 Puppies have clean bill of health


 2lb 0.5oz
 2lb 2.5oz
 2lb 2.5oz
 2lb 3.5oz
 2lb 2oz
 28.3.12 2lb 4.5oz 2lb 7oz
 2lb 7oz
 2lb 7oz
 2lb 5oz
 collars changed


 2lb 8.5oz
 2lb 11oz
 2lb 10oz
 2lb 10.5oz
 2lb 7oz
 Puppies moving around more
 30.3.12 2lb 10.5oz
 2ib 14oz
 2lb 13oz
 2lb 14oz
 2lb 10.5oz
 one week old
 31.3.12 2lb 14oz
 3lb 2oz
 3lb1oz 3lb 1oz
 2lb 14oz
 1.4.12 3lb 0.5oz
 3lb 6oz
 3lb 7.5oz
 3lb 6oz
 3lb 3oz 
 2.4.12 3lb 6oz
 3lb 9oz
 3lb 9oz
 3lb 9oz
 3lb 7.5oz
 Puppies have started Playing with each other
 3.4.12 3lb 11oz
 3lb 13.5oz
 3lb 15oz
 3lb 13.5oz
 3lb 10.5oz
 4.4.12 4lb 4lb 3.5oz
 4lb 5oz
 4lb 2.5oz
 4lb 1oz
 Eyes open
 4lb 6.5oz
 4lb 12oz
 4lb 12.5oz
 4lb 12oz
 4lb 8oz
 2 weeks old
 8.4.12 4lb 14.5oz
 5lb 2oz
 5lb 4.5oz
 5lb 4.5oz
 4lb 14oz
 11.4.12 5lb 12.5oz
 5lb 14.5oz
 6lb 1.5oz
 6lb 1.5oz
 5lb 13oz
 12.4.12 2.75kg 2.82kg 2.95kg 2.95kg 2.75kg Puppies weighed in Kgs and wormed with puppy drontal
 20/4/12 8lb 7.5oz
 7lb 14oz
 8lb 8lb 7.5oz
 7lb 13oz
 4 weeks old


 10lb 13oz
 10lb 7oz
 10lb 7oz
 10lb 12oz
 9lb 15oz



11lb 12.5oz


11lb 5oz


11lb 9.5oz


11lb 12oz


10lb 15oz

5 weeks old Wormed with puppy Drontal


 13lb 15.5oz
 13lb 6oz
 13.10oz 13lb 10oz
 12lb 12oz
 nearly 6 weeks old


 Jet Black and White Girl  ( Lilac collar)


  Charcoal Grey Boy ( Blue collar)

 Smokey Fawn Girl ( Light Pink Collar)

 Smokey Fawn Girl ( Dark Pink Collar)

  Smokey Grey Girl ( Orange Collar)




 Camouflaged  puppy







Dark Pink Girl

 Dark Pink Girl

 Charcoal Girl

 Charcoal boy

 Tired Mummy

 Light Girly

 Beautiful Black Girl

1 week old puppies dream



















Following Photos by Ben Law




















4 weeks onwards


Nanna-Shinobi- Prada-Nukka-Kymba



Beautiful Kymba in a lovley Stand



 Lovely Nukka


 Beautiful Prada 1st to have ears up 



Shinobi with ears up 


Lovely Nukka

Handsome Shinobi



Beautiful Nanna with her ear up


Beautiful Prada


The Lovely Nanna




1st Day on the grass

 Nana Working her way towards the grass


Nukka, Kymba and Shinobi


Shinobi aka Mr America







 Got his Daddies look






Lovely Tiva, still feeding her babies so looking lean 








Yes Mummy 

You say whaaaaaat

 Im a Proud Honiahaka pup

Ok Mum , I will leave my Sister alone..

Ninja puppy

Proud Prada






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