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All Puppies have lovely forever homes waiting for them, if you missed out on this litter dont forget to put your name on the waiting list to avoid disapointment as most of our puppies are reserved before birth .


Tiva and Squims Babies are here,

 Born April 6th 2010

After waiting for the whole of the bank holiday weekend, Tiva deceided to start her labour once everyone had gone back to work on the Tuesday morning !!  Puppy one was a Tiny Black/Silver boy, followed an hour later by a big Black/Silver Girl.....then the waiting began...after 5 hours of  waiting for puppy number 3 we deceided to take Tiva to see the vet to make sure a puppy wasnt stuck, lucky for us he wasnt, he was just a big lazy grey boy, an hour later followed another Black and Silver boy, bringing us to the end of labour and 4 beautiful babies.

Tiva is being a wonderful mum and we are so very proud of her.

Puppy 3 Grey Boy  aka Logan

Puppy 2 Black/Silver Girl  aka Bella

Puppy 4 Black and Silver boy aka Morph

Puppy 1 Black boy  aka Spirit

Puppy 1  Boy
Puppy 2 Girl
Puppy 3 Boy
Puppy 4 Boy
Extra details
Birth weight
1lb 1.5oz
1lb 6oz
1lb 5oz
2 born at home 2 born at vets, 2 have 5 Toes 2 have dew claws
1lb 9oz
1lb 12oz
1lb 12oz
vet checked all healthy, Dew claws removed
1lb 14oz
1lb 15oz

1lb 1oz
2lb 2oz
2lb 4.5oz
1lb 15oz

1lb 6oz
2lb 11.5 oz
2lb 14.5oz
2lb 11oz

1 week

1 week old, moving around a lot more now.
1lb 13.5oz
3lb 5oz
3lb 5.5oz
3lb 1oz

2lb 1oz
3lb 11.5oz
3lb 11.5oz
3lb 11oz
Walking a bit, sitting up and playing with each other.
2lb 9oz
4lb 6oz
4lb 5oz
4lb 5oz
Bella has overtaken her brothers in weight but Logan and Morph have eyes open now.
2 weeks
2lb 14.5oz
5lb 1oz
4lb 12oz
4lb 12oz
All eyes open now and walking around and playing.
3lb 8oz
5lb 13oz
5lb 5.5oz
5lb 4.5oz
Puppies are becoming more vocal now and a bit more independant.
6lb 6.5oz
5ib 13oz
5lb 14oz
Puppies wormed today with Drontal puppy
3 weeks
4lb 9oz
6lb 15.5oz
6lb 12oz
6lb 10.5oz
very Vocal and now eating solids
5lb 10.5oz
8lb 5.5oz
8lb 2oz
8lb 3oz

4.5 weeks
10lb 2.5oz
9lb 14.5oz
9lb 15oz

7lb 3oz
10lb 4oz
10lb 2oz
10lb 1oz
Wormed with puppy Drontal
5 weeks
8lb 5.5oz
11lb 11oz
11lb 3.5oz
11lb 3oz
Paper training has begun

Puppies 5 Days old
Spirit  ( KC)

Logan ( puppy 3)

Bella ( Puppy 2)

Puppy 4  Morphus


Puppies are now growing rapidly

Awwwww MUM !!!

Eyes open





Bella now has a pink Collar
Now 2 weeks old

Morphus has a Red Collar

Logan has a Light blue Collar

and Spirit a darker Blue Collar

Wayhay  out of the pen

Mum watching from above

Beautiful Bella

Beautiful Mummy

Puppies are now two and a half weeks old and getting around alot better now

woo woo wooooo

Yummy i'll eat your nose



Spirit didnt want a photo as he had just been wormed and had the hump



Here you will see the puppies growing and growing they are 3 weeks old onwards,poor little morph has a little sore under his eye, but seems to be healing up now.

Morph and Mr Piggy

Logan and Dino

Feed time

A bundle of Teddy's

Bella loves her photo taken

Bella giving the others a go at the milk bar !!


The Lovely Little Spirit


Puppies are four and a half weeks now and racing around the house  hence the blurry photos, all being well with the weather this week we hope to get them out on the grass.

Beautiful Bella

Morph and Logan

Morph looking for trouble !!

Lovely Logan......Butter wouldnt melt....

Little Spirit with his Mummy

Bella and Spirit playing with new toys

Andy Having words with Morph !!

Tiva waiting to steal Logans new Teddy

Morph Sitting on his teddy so Bella cant steal it !

Sausage Tug time

Adorable Spirit with his lovely Snow nose.



At 5 weeks old the puppies had the 1st taste of the garden....They also have their pedigree Names issued by The Northern Inuit Society......We went with a Dance theme for this litter as Tiva means Dancer.

Honiahaka Dance's with Wolves  aka  Logan

Honiahaka Twilight Dancer    aka Bella

Honiahaka Lord of the Dance  aka Morph

Honiahaka Spirit Dancer  aka Spirit

At Five and a half weeks old the puppies thought they would find out just how to get out into the garden on there own..

You will notice  no sign of Bella in the above photos, as the little Minx had already got out of the door and down the steps and had done at least 5 laps of the patio before the boys managed the top step.........now she's on her way back...



Logan and Bella


Can someone help me down....its scary up here

Mmmmm now im sure i read somewhere that Northern Inuits LOVE plants !!!

Time to go in now


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