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Sarah Jane Reeves

 We researched a lot before contacting any breeder. ...Goggled goggled constantly . We looked at each northern Inuit breeders page and can I just say traveling to the North Pole wouldn't of been a problem we just wanted to find the right breeder. After reading and talking via inbox with different breeders we decided to ring Tracey and Andy to ask what we do next . She explained we would be invited to meet her pack and they would also want to ask us questions to make sure we are picking the right breed for us. When we arrived at there house we couldn't believe how  well set out , clean and friendly everyone was !!!!! The dogs were beautiful and really friendly. We stayed for what seemed like ten minutes but was hour’s lol chatting about everything to do with the northern Inuit. At this present time there were no girlie's pregnant. Tracey obviously saw something good in us as she put us on her waiting list . As soon as she had a confirmed mating she emailed scan pictures of hopes and yuri puppies which was amazing as we followed the pregnancy every step of the way smile emoticon. As soon as hope was in labour we all followed via Facebook it was really exciting! !! Tracey took pictures every day with a written update on progress etc.. THEN came the stressful day of Tracey having to carefully select from her list who was going to be able to have a pup, as the list is bigger than the amount of pups. This for us was nerve wracking as we really wanted a pup . We then got told we were having a little girl miss lilac ♡♡♡♡♡ omg I cried for about a week with joy !!!! We were allowed to see her as soon as hope was ok with visitors. Hope was a brilliant mummy and Tracey a brilliant fur mummy. We saw bellatrix every two weeks . Us choosing Tracey and her choosing us was the best thing that's happened to us since having our daughter 8 years ago . Bellatrix is now 6 months old and since bringing her home we have had endless information when ever we have needed it and have met up with all the honiahaka family lots of times. Beware if you do choose them as your breeder your stuck with us mad lot too lol xxxx

Andy & Ness Bassoli

 When doing our research into the Northern Inuit breed we contacted other breeders with various questions. Only Tracey responded in a polite and honest way. We decided to attend a show to meet Tracey, Andy and their dogs. We immediately fell in love with Kami and knew that these were the breeders for us. We were lucky enough to visit Tracey and Andy at their home where we met the rest of the pack which was an amazing experience. After attending a few more shows and meeting more of the Honiahaka family we asked to be put on the Kami and Ochi puppy list. Ten months later our handsome boy, Shila, was born and our lives have changed forever in many ways. We have not only gained a new member of our family but have also gained the support and more importantly friendship of the extended Honiahaka family. The care and attention Tracey puts into every puppy is second to none. Health and good temperament are paramount and we would not go anywhere else for a puppy in the future. Andy & Ness

Linda Gelson

With the Honiahaka Tracey & Andy you don't only get a gorgeous pup you get a family also a help page no matter how silly you think the question is you’re not judged the advice is there the pups are loved by everyone they as breeders are wonderful always there when you want them with them it's not pay for pup take away and get on with it they do gatherings and shows which you will be made welcome to all and by all the pups never forget them they even sleep with the pups to make sure all ok and all the dogs are gorgeous.


With most breeders you get a pup and that's it. With Tracey and Andy You get loads of support and a family. They put everything in to their pups, and the dogs love them even when they get older they never forget them. They always go mental when they see them even if it's been for ages. Me personally I wouldn't go to any over breeder then Tracey and Andy for a northern Inuit as a breeder they breed for the health and temperament not for money they are always there to help in any way they can.

Felicity Berry    Summer 2013

I love dogs and like to study wolves; I respect the difference.  One day in May 2012, when researching wolf-like dogs, a random click of my mouse opened Northern Inuit Dog rather than the Saarloos or Czecholsovakian Wolfdog and soon the Honiahaka website’s fabulous photos filled my screen! I could see and feel the love that was going into the breeding at Honiahaka. A call, an email, and a visit to the place I now call the Honiahaka Hilton followed in quick succession, and quite simply I fell in love with the breed.

LOVE is mentioned a lot in conjunction with Honiahaka. On my first visit I hoped to find a breeder who genuinely loves her dogs – that is my top criterion when looking to buy a pup, and it was more than satisfied, in fact fulfilled to overflowing!  The Honiahaka dogs looked superb, well-cared for in clean conditions and obviously ‘family’.  There was a litter ready to leave and another on the way from a different bitch. I was able to meet mother and pups, the rest of the pack, and to have an unrushed cuppa and detailed conversation about the breed, and just as important - my circumstances.

At Honiahaka I could see that puppy welfare is absolutely a priority over financial gain. The bitches are not overbred, and a waiting list system is in operation.  I was impressed by the responsible governance of the breeding programme, and I appreciated the thought and consideration going into assessing the suitability of the buyer, and later into the matching of pup to ‘forever home’ - another key phrase which speaks volumes about the Honiahaka attitude.

There was a littler due out of  Sesi (Honiahaka Snow Princess) by Ochi (Mahlek Ochi Memorian bono fracture at Honiahaka). Tracey put my name down in her little book but I didn’t know if there would even be enough puppies for me to have one this time.  Luckily, Sesi produced a large litter on June 1st, at the start of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee holiday weekend, and a bit later I was absolutely thrilled to be offered the only charcoal girl, Sesi’s firstborn, now named Honiahaka Haquihana Ribbon of Moonlight. I call her Inka and I love her to pieces.  

Tracey slept with those puppies – as she does - for the first 3 weeks of their lives, after which I was encouraged to visit my pup weekly. I was so excited, I loved my regular bonding visits, armed with some butcher’s treats for the dogs and cuddly toys for my girl. My phone filled up with photos – and actually that hasn’t changed in the year that’s passed since!  

I treasure every day I spend with my clever alpha girl, Inka. She bonded instantly with my senior Golden Retriever, Poppy, and at Christmas I brought home another Honiahaka puppy for her to play with! Yes, they are addictive! In October I had fallen for Miss Silver, last born of the so-called Dream Team litter from Kizzy (Honiahaka Kizzy Kon-Tikki) and Spirit (Olderhill Alpha Winter's Sunset with Honiahaka).  Honiahaka Autumn’s Dream, is a timber girl with a full chocolate mask and she’s going to be huge like her parents. A complete dreamer and cuddle monster, she is called Ruska, aka Roo Roo, and she’s fitted into my life as if she’s always belonged.  

My Inuit girls, Inka and Roo, with their complementary personalities, adore each other, and they are absolutely my pride and joy. Both pups are perfect. It comforts me to know that if anything bad happened to me they would go back to Tracey, to Mummy Honiahaka, and be cared for.

From Honiahaka, Tracey said, you don’t just get a puppy, you join a whole family: the Honiahaka Family, and that is exactly what we are, FAMILY.  For life.


Lindsey Hiscocks

To all those reading...

At first I thought I would just write “I started off with one Honiahaka Northern Inuit...now I have three...enough said.” and that would adequately say what I think of these wonderful dogs and the amazing people who are behind 'Team Honiahaka'.

Then I realised that in order to do them proper justice I'd probably have to write more than I did for my university dissertation...which I am sure wouldn't make the most thrilling read. Instead I guess I'll settle for a short(er) essay and hope you're still alive at the end of reading it.

We first met Tracey, Andy and Georgie on my 22nd Birthday in 2009 after arranging a visit to meet 'the pack'. We traveled over 100 miles to reach our destination; a strange oasis of green in the heart of Essex! We brought the cake, Tracey brought out the pack! I have never met a more beautiful breed than the Northern Inuit and after meeting them in the fur I was smitten and desperate for a puppy! Needless to say a 'quick visit' turned in to over six hours of talking anything and everything dog, whilst asking all those questions that first time Northern Inuit owners are sure to have and in turn being interviewed (in the best way possible) by Tracey and Andy to see if we were right to join the Honiahaka Family. I say Family and I mean it...when you put your name on 'the list' you don't just put your name down for a puppy, but gain a whole new extended family of puppy owners and friends to help you along your way! Our first introductions were with Claire, Vince and their son Joel, who had come to visit their beautiful puppy, Cana.

You can't help but leave with a smile on your face after spending the afternoon with such friendly and helpful people and a room full of gorgeous puppies. Nothing was hidden; we were told the highs and the lows of being owned by a Northern Inuit; warned about any health problems that might arise from owning a large breed dog; shown the health testing certificates for the Honiahaka Pack and explained to that no puppy leaves without a clean bill of health. With Tracey and Andy it's not just whether a Northern Inuit puppy is right for YOU, it's whether you are right for the puppy. We left late that evening knowing that we had found the right breeder, for whom these dogs obviously aren't a business or an opportunity to make money, but life-changing companions and a labour of love.

We skip ahead around six months now...to the point where we were anxiously waiting to hear that Anya and Squim's puppies were arriving. We were staying with the future in-laws...I don't think I spoke more than 4 sentences in those six hours of waiting. By then I had been forced to join Facebook – something I resolutely refused to do for over five years – and along with a couple of other expectant puppy owners, Rhonda and Sal, I was waiting anxiously for news. Because all of Team Honiahaka are very involved in the birthing of their litters we had a bit of a wait, but the chatter helped to pass the time and Georgie would come on regularly to update us with how many puppies had been born and how Anya and the pups were doing. There was a bit of a scare with two of the male puppies, but thanks to the love and quick actions of Tracey and Andy, both puppies survived and fed well!

In the beginning I had determined that I wanted a grey male with a full mask...but as soon as Tracey posted pictures of this little fat white puppy my heart melted. I knew he was the one and mercilessly annoyed everyone concerned until it was decided – Kiba was coming home with me!

We visited every couple of weeks until it was time to bring Kiba home. Tracey always made time for us, always patiently answered our questions (despite asking the same things over again) and always made sure her puppies got the very best possible start in life. Either Tracey or Andy sleeps with the puppies and mummy until they are at least three weeks of age, waking up every few hours to make sure the puppies are feeding and that they are warm and cosy enough, buried deep in hot water bottles and cuddly toys. Something that I always noticed was that the bedding was always clean, the area where the puppies were was always spotless and nobody was allowed into the house without being sprayed with a spray that kills harmful bacteria and using alcohol gel on their hands. Only the best for Honiahaka pups!

Finally the time came to bring Kiba home! We arrived at Honiahaka armed with a cardboard box, towels, newspaper, toys and kitchen towel...the little fat white puppy was no longer so very little and watching him play with his last little brother before we left was heartwarming. It was easy to see that Tracey was trying to put on a brave face as we bundled the tons of puppy food, toys, bits of bedding and paperwork into the car. She picked him up and gave him one last cuddle before handing him over, whispering in his ear and telling him to be good for his new mummy and daddy. There were tears as we drove out of the gate...the sign of someone who truly loves every single life that they bring in to this world....

At 8 weeks old Kiba was almost completely paper trained. He slept in a crate next to our bed and we have never heard a peep out of him. As long as he was with his humans, Kiba was happy.

Kiba is now almost two and a half. He is everything I could ever have wanted in a dog and so much more. He is my soul mate, the love of my life and a complete spoiled brat. It hasn't been without its trials, getting to this stage – Kiba has separation anxiety due to not being able to train him to be away from us as a young pup, which means his cannot be left on his own or with strangers. He also went through the 'teenage stage' of Inuit Deafness, running off to see every other dog that caught his fancy and expecting them to play with him. He is the most loving dog you could ever hope to meet, fantastic with children, other dogs and even my house rabbits when they were still with us. Kiba came to our wedding in 2010 and behaved impeccably; he is with me 24 hours a day and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Two and a half years on and I am now owned by three Honiahaka Northern Inuits. Each one brought up with the same unending love and attention as Kiba. All left Honiahaka with a big hug, whispered words and tears. Yoyo, our Koko and Bear baby was born in June 2011, after waiting almost two years, and in September 2011 we added little Teddy, a Moley and Spirit baby to our small pack, despite my Husband saying we could only have two, the Northern Inuit motto is “There's always room for one more!” and boy was this one extra-special litter!

I suppose I have to end by saying I think we have found not only the best breeder of Northern Inuits, and quite possibly of dogs in general, but some wonderful friends who are always there for us and our dogs. We love the pack walks and the Honiahaka Camping Weekends, that closeness that there is between Team Honiahaka and the rest of the Honiahaka Family. I am so glad that we found you and that you continue to hold on to your excellent breeding practices. That love and devotion that you just don't see very often. I would never have a Northern Inuit from anyone else...


Wow thanks for that essay Lindsey that really helps. Sue and I have decided to get a NI which will be our first dog together! We have been looking on the internet at breeders and found Honiahaka a couple of weeks ago and the website was fantastic with loads of info and an endless amount of cute pics which made us sigh "ahhhhhhhhh" for hours! Honiahaka seems to be that bit special compared to the others for some reason and we knew if we were going to get a NI then this was the best place. We were so excited when we arranged to meet last Monday and we were made to feel very welcome like Lindsey was ( only we missed the cake ;-).. The experience was great and we got a chance to meet the pack and I a chance to see how my allergy would be. I was covered in hair from head to toe as some of them wanted to dance with me! But not a sneeze so its all good. We had all our questions answered by Tracey and look forward to meeting again.

Mark Cooper

I first heard about the Northern Inuit breed at a burger van of all places, but nevertheless I was getting some lunch and the owner was talking about a breed of dog that a friend of his had owned that was part wolf. This intrigued me so I asked him what the breed was called and so it was then i found out the Northern Inuit breed existed.
My next couple of hours were spent looking for pictures, which i found on the net and then that was it, home, internet and searching websites!! As many as i could find! Which is then when I came across the Honiahaka website and compared with some of the other sites i had seen it was packed full of information and pictures.
In not so many words at this point me and my fiancée were hooked and we hadn’t even seen a NI in real life yet. I sent Tracey an email asking if it would be possible to come and see her and the dogs and she was very happy to arrange a date, which couldn’t come soon enough for me may I add. So in January 2011 we all went to meet the Honiahaka pack.
As we got out of the car we could hear the dogs and it was strange to think that in minutes these pictures we had looked at would actually be real, sounds silly but trust me they get you that way, you will see what i mean.
Tracey and Andy welcomed us into their home like we had known them for ages and we met some of the girls inside the house, namely Moley and Kizzy and baby Ochi, my first instinct was how gentle they were with my kids my son at this point was 9 but my daughter was just coming up to 3 and this was obviously going to be a big consideration but there was no problems at all, we talked for ages about the good and the bad and nothing was kept in secret. We then proceeded to meet the rest of the pack and it was truly a fantastic experience one by one they came to have cuddles and all of the dogs were happy to greet us with licks and big waggy tails. The area in which the dogs were kept was spotless and in general everything was clean and the dogs all looked in great condition so at this point we were confident we had met the right breeder.
We have now been an honorary member of the Honiahaka pack and been to shows , camping weekends and met many other owners and Dogs whom I would be very happy to call new friends and at no point were we made to feel unwelcome infact the complete opposite and the one thing that u WILL get when u have an NI is an extended family and in our case even without the dog. The support network within this group is fantastic and as a novice owner I know that when we do eventually get our puppy there will be no lack of help and support from both Tracey and all of the great people associated with her.
I am writing this from the aspect of someone who does not yet have a puppy although we are on the list, and we are now all bar the dog immersed in this great breed and all things that go with it. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and believe me when I say you will not meet a more devoted breeder than this one. Thank you

Sally Bryan


 We had been looking into this breed for a long time and had already made up our minds that it was a NI we wanted. We had visited another breeder and just didn't feel comfortable with them or their dogs so decided not to get one from there despite there being a gorgeous little boy ready to go that day ??

I trawled the internet and came across HONIAHAKA and once we had seen all the pictures and read everything from start to finish on the website we just knew that this was the place we had been searching for.
March 2009 I had made contact with Tracey and had arranged a visit for myself and my husband, Steve. We arrived at the gates and there was 8 big dogs all stood up on their back legs hanging onto the gate barking in excitement at us.......Steve shoved me forward and said "go on then, open the gate"!!!! Luckily, Tracey appeared and called then all back into their kennels so we could come in? She made us feel very welcome from the moment we met and we were introduced to the wonderful Honiahaka pack there and then, which was just amazing? We were greeted with lots of hugs and kisses from the doggie and Steve was honored - Squims didn't bark at him?
We were then welcomed into the house, after being disinfected on our feet and lower legs. We met Saskia who was pregnant and would be giving birth in the next two weeks, and then we met the wonderful Moley and her 9 gorgeous bundles of fur? She sat watching us closely and doing a head count every so often to make sure all 9 of her pups were still present and correct. We sat drinking tea and asking loads and loads of questions of poor Tracey? We felt like old friends and so relaxed that we were there, like Lindsey, for about 6 hours quizzing Tracey about her dogs and NI in general. Unfortunately, on this occasion Andy was working and Georgie was at school so we had Tracey all to ourselves and made the most of it?
Once our first visit was over, we knew that Honiahaka was the place that we would be adopting our NI from and we were on the list immediately. We waited, and waited for news if there was a pups left for us to adopt. Then we got the news that yes, there was one little boy left looking for his forever home, but that another couple had first pick so it was either going to "cheeky chappie" or "garden boy"? (Garden boy was so named as he was the last pup born and appeared in the garden when his mum was allowed out to stretch her legs after her long exhausting labour) We sat for hours drooling over the website and at the pictures and little snipits of news of the puppies progress until the pups were about 4/5 weeks old, the other couple (Bernice and Richard) had chosen their pup...............Cheeky Chappie (Indy) would be going home with them so Garden Boy was ours ♥♥. We visited Honiahaka every fortnight right up until collection day and got to finally meet Andy and Georgie. We were made feel very welcome at every visit and they always had time for us and answered all our questions, even the silly ones?
We waited for an agonising three weeks to finally collect our huge puppy? Again, the tea was flowing and the cakes and treats were shared. We sat in the garden playing with the pups and chatting until we had to leave. There were special goodbye cuddles for Garden Boy and he was told to be a good boy and do Honiahaka proud. We were also give a huge puppy pack including toys, blankets and huge amounts of food and biscuit. There was also a toy that had Tracey and Andy's "smell" on and blanket with Moley's scent on plus a piece of vet bedding with the smell of the rest of the litter on so the settling in process would be a lot easier for Kenai (garden boy).
Once home, Kenai was such a good boy for a pup. He was virtually house trained from day one and didn't have any accidents at all. He slept through the night, but, unfortunately not in his crate. We tried for three nights to put him in it but he appeared to be claustrophobic and would jump up at the roof and try digging his way out. We were so worried he would harm himself so on the third night, after he had been howling all night and then, all of a sudden the howling just stopped......I raced downstairs to find him sitting at the bottom of the stair looking at me with his big puppy dog eyes and wagging his tail so much I thought it was going to fall off? I was so relieved that he wasn't hurt and then inspected the crate........he had managed to open the bottom catch and had escaped through the smallest gap ever. We decided from that night on he would not go in the crate again. He sleeps on his bed in the lounge as good as gold and we have never looked back.
When Kenai was Two weeks old, we decided that one was not enough and we contacted Tracey again and put our names down to adopt another Honiahaka pup!!!
On the 12th September 2009 Anya gave birth to four gorgeous puppies, 3 boys and our special little girl, Tala - "Garden Girl" (who was also born in the garden) so now we have a complete set, Garden Boy and Garden Girl.
Tala is also a very good girl but sometimes, when the two of them are together, alone, they plan things and can be quite destructive? They have eaten one of my leather chairs and have had numerous hair brushes, socks and shoes/trainers between them? I am home all day, every day, but still......I have to pop out to take my youngest son to nursery and am usually not gone more than about 30 mins???
The key is exercise, we take ours out for long walks over the forest every day and we do training with them indoors and in the garden. A training session is as good as a walk for draining energy and getting them to use their brains.
If you have any questions or concerns, Tracey is always there to answer them and to help you out in whatever way she knows how. She is more than a breeder, she really does care about her dogs and puppies and wants the best for them. It shows too in the pups. They are all lavished with so much love and attention that they are just the best puppies ever. They are usually housetrained, paper trained and lead trained all by the time they are 8 weeks old? That is amazing. I have had puppies before and I have never had a pup that was able to walk on lead and be house trained before?
She never turns you away? We visited Tala every week from her birth and Tracey was dealing with all sorts of chaos most of the time but we were never refused our visit. We always went armed with cream cakes and sweets as Tracey is so busy she forgets to look after herself? We wanted to treat her. She always shares the cream cakes but you will never see the Haribo!!!
From the moment we met the Fowler family we have been welcomed into their home, have enjoyed NI shows and even a puppy party for Kenai's litter and a pack walk for Tala's litter and friends. We now have a load of new friends and a very special extended family and an ever increasing Honiahaka pack. I thank my lucky stars that I found the Honiahaka website and made that initial contact with Tracey and her lovely family and gorgeous dogs and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for my two gorgeous Honiahaka puppies. ♥♥


Well I had to start tonight as I'll be too busy in the morning, this is my last night of doing what I want to do!! That's ok as I have had plenty of these nights. The kids are happy to do things for themselves or hang out with me & Terry while watching TV. Tomorrow night will be so much different than my last 3 years I'd say...I hadn't realised I needed another interest but when the kids grow up (only 10 & 6) they don't seem to be needing you to do things for them so you sit back and maybe for me get lazy. I mean I keep a good clean house, do all my duties and watch TV and play with the kids in the evening but I was needing something else I just hadn't realised it was a Northern Inuit. Never thought I'd have a dog but then again never knew this interesting breed either! It's like my babies due tomorrow! I have been nesting now for 6 weeks, that's how long really since I have definitely known I was to be owned by 'Chip' that's his pet name given to him by Tracey & Andy. He will always be know as lil' chip!! lol....I think it's a rather cute name but as I have had my chosen name of Lucian for 9 months it's only fair to keep it that way. Yep....we named a twinkle in our eye.....and we waited and waited and waited. I can say I have patience but with nature it is out of your hands. I missed out on a few maybes but deep down knowing they weren't my special puppy. I have sent my son Ben to bed at a really good time, it was easy as I told him that if he slept tomorrow would come round quicker and he would be off to school sooner and Lucian will be waiting for him. Sometimes and only sometimes it is ok to wish a day away. I'm normally up quite late every night on here or FB or watching a movie but tonight I feel very tired. I think my body is telling me to get some sleep....lol....the next few weeks will be broken sleep and too early mornings...lol....that's ok as it's an experience I want to go through, I am actually looking forward to every little thing that's going to happen from tomorrow onwards. I have heard all about the howling, the hair balls, the loss of your green lawn to all sorts and all I can say it....BRING IT ON......lmao......I'm finally to be owned by a Northern Inuit.



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