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Our Wolfdogs

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**We do not breed our American Wolfdogs**

We have 3 American Type Wolfdogs here at Honiahaka. Known originally as wolf-hybrids. Over the years the word Hy-brid was dropped in the USA and they are known as Wolfdogs.


Here in the UK we emphasise the name "American Wolfdog" "AWD" to distinguish them from the more common Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and Saarloos Wolfhound and their crosses found in the UK and Europe.


Over the next few months, I will add more to this page about life with these types of dogs and what to expect in owning one. I will also be adding lots of information along the way about why these dogs with this type of wolf content are not a regular pets, no matter how people like to powder coat it, they are not for the everyday pet owner, they can test the most experienced dog owner to their limits. You should think long and hard before taking any type of Wolfdog on, even the low contents with 30% upwards are hard work. Please don't be fooled by name changes, most reputable breeders DNA test their animals now. Ask to see a copy, don't take on something that you later regret.


They are breathtaking animals but can also be out of control in the wrong hands. If you wish to find out about Wolfdogs in the UK please drop me an email; there will be no sales pitch from us as we do not breed American Wolfdogs , as we personally feel that there are far too many people trying to breed these animals which tend to get into the wrong hands, we do not want to contribute to this trend in the UK. All of our AWD's will have their own pages with pretty pictures for you to check out.

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