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The Honiahaka Dog Journey

Meet our past and present dogs!
We are owned by some wonderful Northern Inuit Dogs, Wolfalikes and American wolfdogs.


Below you will see our past and present dogs, and some in joint ownership. 

Anya and Saskia

In 2005 we purchased  2 Northern Inuit puppies.

Anya and Saskia - The girls opened up a whole new world to us and were the ones who got us hooked on this breed.

Lovingly known as the naughty girls, we soon found out that there were never to be a dull moment with them in our lives.

IMG_0152 (3).jpg

Anya - Mahlek Olakhota Anya at Honiahaka


Saskia - Mahlek Olakhota Saskia at Honiahaka


The next one to arrive

Kaskae - Our Northern Inuit boy Kas (Mahlek Kaskae at Honiahaka) Turned up next to be our future stud dog but sadly had terrible hips so was castrated but stayed to become our puppy nanny so to speak—the clown and defuser of the pack.


Kas - Mahlek Kaskae at Honiahaka

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