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The Honiahaka Dog Journey

Meet our past and present dogs!
We are owned by some wonderful Northern Inuit Dogs, Wolfalikes and American wolfdogs.


Below you will see our past and present dogs, and some in joint ownership. 

Anya and Saskia

In 2005 we purchased  2 Northern Inuit puppies.

Anya and Saskia - The girls opened up a whole new world to us and were the ones who got us hooked on this breed.

Lovingly known as the naughty girls, we soon found out that there were never to be a dull moment with them in our lives.

IMG_0152 (3).jpg

Anya - Mahlek Olakhota Anya at Honiahaka


Saskia - Mahlek Olakhota Saskia at Honiahaka


2006 -The next one to arrive

Kaskae - Our Northern Inuit boy Kas (Mahlek Kaskae at Honiahaka) Turned up next to be our future stud dog but sadly had terrible hips so was castrated but stayed to become our puppy nanny so to speak—the clown and defuser of the pack.


Kas - Mahlek Kaskae at Honiahaka

Princess Moley

2007-The day my heart dog was born

Moley - Our  first homebred Northern Inuit girl, by Anya ( Honiahaka inuit spirit ) was destined to stay here and become my best friend and soul dog. A princess through and through, who took over the pack and our lives.


Princess Moley-  Honiahaka Inuit Spirit

Bear and Tiva 

2007- We kept 2 Pups from Saskia's first litter 

Bear- Our Handsome white boy ( Honiahaka Snow Bear ) who our heart strings wouldn't let us part with.

Tiva - Our Beautiful sassy black and white girl ( Honiahaka Tiva) who we hoped would carry on her mums lines.


Bear-  Honiahaka Snow Bear

Tiva-  Honiahaka Tiva


2007- saw our future stud dog arrive.

Squims - Our lovely charcoal boy ( Mahlek Quimiq at Honiahaka) turned out to be a true head turner and did very well in the show ring. He became a Northern Inuit Society Champion dog, and was the second dog to ever get the title, .Squims has sired some of the loveliest Northern Inuit puppies around.


Squimmy Darling -  Ch Mahlek Quimiq at Honiahaka

Lelou -Louie

2009- saw our little foxy lady join the pack.

Louie - A Beautiful Tiny grey little foxy lady, ( Mahlek Lelou Just for Honiahaka) who would strutt around and let the world know she was about. Louie was the first dog within the Northern Inuit society, to get a 0-0 hip score, the second being our homebred girl sesi.


Louie- Mahlek Lelou just for Honiahaka


2010- Our beautiful Kizzy was born.

Kizzy Darling- Who could resist Kizzy (Honiahaka Kizzy Kon tikki) from Moley's 2nd Litter, she stole our hearts  straight away so is here to stay ( Kizzy means stay put ) and here our giant girls were born.


Kizzy- Honiahaka Kizzy kon Tikki


2011- Our 2nd future stud dog arrived.

Ochi - Our first Timber colour dog (Mahlek Ochi Memorian Bona Fratre at Honiahaka) Ochi Joined the Honiahaka pack as a furure stud dog. He was a very laid back puppy. He went on to sire some stunning puppies. Ochi did wonderful in the show ring, winning many a championship and best in breed before being retired. Lovingly known as the "Dufus dog"


Ochi - Mahlek Ochi Memorian Bona Fratre at Honiahaka


2011- Our amazing wolfy girl was born.

Kami -  Kamkam - womble

 She is our amazing  wolfy girl with a temperament to die for, (Honiahaka Kioku no kokoro no Kami) a true head  turner.

Kami has been a prolific show winner at most of the wolfalike breed shows, proving that low/no wolf content dogs can still out shine the higher content wolf dogs, This girl has it all...Kami has been staring on the TV in adverts and small films, Music videos and various youtube channels this last few years. 

Feb 2014 kami 019x.jpg

Kami Womble  - Honiahaka Kioku no kokoro no Kami

Dream- Dreamy

2012- Our Dream was born, Dream by name and Dream by nature.

Dream-  Dreamy Dream 

 A beautiful big Timber colour girl, (Honiahaka Dream a little Dream) a real pleasure to own. Dream started our modeling journey and paved the way for many to follow in her paw prints. Dream also did very well in the show ring, gaining her certificates of merit. She also started in a small film, music promo shoots and meet and greets.

Dream was one of the  dogs who stared in the Animal Watch youtube channel about Northern Inuit dogs with Anneka Svenska.



Dream  - Honiahaka Dream a little Dream

Hope- Kat

2012- The beautiful feline girl joined our pack.

Hope-  Kit kat

 A sweet puppy, who was very kitten like when she was tiny, ( Machine Lady Sirius at Honiahaka) getting the nick name kit kat. A beautiful grey girl with amazing yellow eyes, a real stunner. Hope has never really warmed to model life, but has been on some photoshoots and a music video. Hope also did well as a youngster in the show ring. Hope was one of the  dogs who stared in the Animal Watch youtube channel about Northern Inuit dogs with Anneka Svenska.


IMG_5950 (2)-1.jpg

Hope - Machine lady Sirius at Honiahaka


2013- The Handsome Mr Wolf joined the pack

Spirit -  Mr Wolf

 After using Spirit (Olderhill Alpha Winter's Sunset at Honiahaka) as a stud dog  a couple of times, we had opportunity for him to come and live at Honiahaka permanently, which we absolutely jumped at the chance. This boy was everything you would want in a Wolfalike dog. Spirit didn't care for showing or posing for photos, he did however love cuddles and going on adventures. He produced some amazing pups, who went on to start up breeding programs for different Wolfalike clubs.



Spirit - Olderhill Alpha Winter's Sunset at Honiahaka


2013- Saw our handsome homebred boy come back to us.

Yuri -  100 mile an hour kid.

 Yuri came back to us as a teenager who thought he could rule the roost. (Honiahaka Spirit of destiny) After some training he soon settled down and became a big part of the pack. Yuri has been living his best life in joint ownership with our friends in shropshire. He has sired some beautiful pups for us and other wolfalike breeders in the UK.



Yuri - Honiahaka Spirit of Destiny 

Angel- Me me

2014- Our Miracle baby arrived.

Angel-  me me - Angel cakes.

Then along came Angel..( Honiahaka Miracle of Angels), our true miracle baby, full younger sister to Dream and a real beauty. This girl has the whole package, and is often used for photography work and Music video's. Angels nick name is Me Me as everything has to revolve around her, she is great for the meet and greets as she makes it all about her.


Angel-resize 1.jpg

Angel - Honiahaka Miracle of Angels 


2014- Our beautiful floofy girl was born.

Elsa - Inushepracoon dog

This Dark beauty stole our hearts and what a stunner she has turned in to...Dreams daughter Elsa 

(Honiahaka Tourmaline Dreams), Elsa lives with and keeps the American Wolfdogs in check.

As a puppy Elsa looked like a mix of an Inuit, shepherd and racoon dog.


IMG_4129 (3)_edited.jpg

Elsa- Honiahaka Tourmaline Dreams

Mona - Moo

2015- Saw the first American Wolfdog arrive at Honiahaka.

Mona - Missy Moo

What can I say, it seemed a good idea at the time, and i totally blame it on a mid life crisis. This blonde bombshell arrived, (American Dreams for Honiahaka) I was totally sucked in by the shear beauty of these animals. How hard could it be to own. You will find out when our new wolfdog page is up and running.



Mona- American Dreams for Honiahaka


2015- Our little sassy pocket rocket was born.

Eden - Eden was the next to stay, a sweet Apricot grey girl who is just like her mummy louie, but has a hell of a lot of sass about her. A very attentive girl and an amazing mummy herself.


IMG_4840 (2).jpg

Eden- Honiahaka Santa Baby


2016- Our big bear was born.

Kootz - Next is our big boy Kootz, the first of our outcross litters, a stunning  dark timber coloured boy with a double helping of giant genes on both parents side. Just a big grizzly bear, who did great on the show ring and has excelled in his modelling career.



Kootz- Honiahaka Nova the Incredible Journey


2017- Our 3rd and final American wolfdog arrived 

Lola - Prawny. she has been the easiest out of the 3, and still lives in the house with us full time. Lola is from The Filmwolf Family and has become quite a mummies girl... She is very selective about who she interacts with.


tracey-16 (2)_edited.jpg

Lola- Filmwolf Lola for Honiahaka


2017- Our next outcross litter produced some stunning babies, big gentle giants, we are so very blessed to have 2 in our pack.

Lupa - Supa Dupa. Our Wonderful Girl Lupa. How could we let this one go. A real darling and show stopper, one in a million to own. The pussy cat of the wolfie pack.



Lupa- Honiahaka Nova ice Ice baby


2018- An unexpected outcross duo turned up early 2018 and we took them into the fold, They do not live here but are in joint ownership with us. 

Draco- Dracula.  Draco gave us a injection of different genes and has produced some stunning puppies, both here and overseas, being used in the Tamaskan outcross program. He is currently living his best life as a prince with friends in the north of England.


IMG_2289 (2)_edited.jpg

Draco- Olderhill Alpha Draco for Honiahaka 


2018- The second of our outcross boys arrived.

Kaos- entered the wolfalike breeding program and produced 2 litters of beautiful pups before being castrated. . Kaos is also on joint ownership and lives an amazing life with our friends near the sea in Essex.



Kaos- Olderhill Alpha Albus for Honiahaka 


2018- Saw the arrival of our little unique floofy puppy.

Jimmy - Jimmy choo -Just Jim. The one who wasn't meant to stay, but just couldn't leave, and what a good choice it was to keep him. Such a model dog and big cuddle monster.



Jimmy Choo- Honiahaka Nova one of a kind


2019- Saw Lupa's brother come back to us.

Drake- Drake is a stunning giant silver boy with plenty of presence. He has sired the most stunning puppies for us and other breeders, and we hope to have a few more litters produced by him before he retires in 2026.



Drake- Honiahaka Nova Stormborn


2019- Our melt in the middle girly arrived.

Pudding- Puds - Pudlings. The last girl born to our Dream, the only girl in the litter, the one that had to stay, a beautiful chocolate colour, the start of the lockdown pups.



Pudding- Honiahaka Nova Chocolate fondant 


2020- Saw the daughter of Finn arrive.

Rona- Rona corona. Whats one more i hear you say !!  We needed a Finn baby in our pack. Rona corona our 2nd lockdown pup. 



Rona- Fireborn fall of light made for Honiahaka  


2020- Saw a daughter of one of our stud dogs Yuri arrive to join the pack.

Kazue- Zue Zue . Lock down 3 arrived and so did our Yuri baby, the beautiful Kazue.



Kazue- Fireborn yennifer for Honiahaka  


2021- Another that was meant to stay.

Mead - Speedy Meady. When a Puppy makes you feel emotional every time you look at them, you've just got to follow that heart. Lock down puppy 4.



Mead- Honiahaka  Nova Gunhild


2021- The silver girl i was waiting for.

Honey - Kiss me Honey Honey kiss me, you were going to stay before you had even taken your first breath. lock down puppy 5.


IMG_2553 (2)_edited.jpg

Honey- Honiahaka  Nova Honey Buzzard


2021- The most sweetest boy you could ever want to meet.

Lobo - Little man. Oh Lobo, You were sent to us for  reason, a reason I have yet to find, I'm not sure how long we will have with you, but you will have my heart forever.



Lobo- Honiahaka  Nova The Legend of Lobo


2022- Sometimes you need to hold on to the past.

London - La la. Well What can I say, other than when one door closes another one opens when you least expect it. Meet our beautiful London.


London- Honiahaka  Nova Gossip & Hershey


2023- The Wolfhound amongst the Wolves.

Wilf - Wilfy woo.  Not technically a Wolfie in our terms, but Irish wolfhounds are nick named Wolfies by their owners, so he fits in well here, and I couldn't leave him out.


Wilf- Wham Roan Inish Among Honiahaka

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