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Us and our Wolfie Dogs

Us and our Northern Inuits

Our Kennel name "Honiahaka" is Cheyenne for " Little Wolf."
( Registered with the UK kennel club)


Having both been raised with Animals they have been a big part of our lives growing up. Andy on a Farm and myself with every pet I could have.

My first love was horses and German shepherd dogs. Spending many years competing at all levels in equestrian sports, which then led to breeding and spending many more years with our heads stuck in a stud book or two striving to breed the best.

Having always had German shepherds, we always loved the wolfy look and was led to a breed by a friend of ours called Utonagan bred by Sulin .


We purchased our first wolfie-looking dog in 2003 and found our first backyard breeder. Sadly our first experience wasn’t a good one, and our beloved wolfie was PTS at 17 months old after she could take no more suffering from severe hip dysplacia and a crumbling spine.


2005 saw our love of wolfie looking dogs increase when we put our name down for our first Northern Inuit, born on my birthday it was sure to be an omen…..Persuaded to take her sister too, we came home with Anya and Saskia from Mahlek; they were 12 weeks old and the start of the love affair grew.


We have had many highs through the years, being asked to become breeders with the NIS and spending 9 years on the committee Introducing more health testing and keeping the pedigrees in order. We have won many a championship in the show ring with our dogs and put everything into producing beautiful top-class dogs.


We have also been doing breed stands across the country since 2006 after a recommendation from our dog training school, which had increased to around 15 a year, keeping us and our Honiahaka team busy. It’s a real pleasure being invited each year to attend such events.


We have sadly had many lows over the years too. Any type of breeding can be heartbreaking, especially when the founder animals were never health tested.

We have had some health problems in our line, which were brushed to one side as a one-off, but when it happens again, you know there is an issue that needs addressing.


Sadly for us, we were hung out to dry by our breed society and breeder and were blamed for the issues. We have since removed ourselves from the breed club and with the help of the lovely people at the animal health trust UK (AHT) have surged forward to find out what’s causing these issues and where they originally came from. We are pleased to say our hard work and patience have paid off, and the genetic markers have been found. You can read about the finding by following this link to one of our pages.
Click Here


2015 saw us venture out of our comfort zone and we imported our first American wolfdog and then in 2016, we added our second. You can read about these on their own page, when its up and running again.
Click here

2016 saw the start of cyberbullying and slandering toward us, It just showed us that whatever good you try to do and achieve in life and are at the top of your game, you will always come across groups who will try to discredit you. We carry on doing the best we can, and we still held our heads high even when we wanted to give up...but that is what these bullies want.

The end of 2016 carried on being a tough year for us, when we lost 3 of our main dogs, that everyone knew and loved. Our heart got completely shattered. 

2016 also saw the start of our outcross program. The Gene pool for the Northern Inuit dog is so small and the dogs are so inbred that it needs an injection of new blood., there is no point is saying “ we” have x amount of new lines when they all still go back to the same dog which is in one of my pedigree’s 15 times !

We have opted to use some other wolfalike breeds in our lines to give it the injection of good health it needs. Hopefully we will keep the wonderful soft temperament of our dogs and bring is some much needed new blood and better health.

2017 saw us carry on our goal to improve the wolfalike breeds health, we will carry on health testing our dogs and hope to have some beautiful babies along the way, we will also stay open and true to our owners and future owners.

Mid-2017 saw the start of the HWCC which is run by some lovely wolfalike owners, the committee put on some great shows and monthly events.

2017 also saw our 3rd and final American wolfdog Lola puppy join our pack.


2018 was the beginning of the International Wolfalike companion register, where people are invited to register their Wolfalike breeds to help build a database, share the use of fully health tested stud dogs and be able to give out authentic pedigree certificates for their puppies.


2019 was an exciting one for us, the Wolfies on-tour photo experience was a huge sell out in the summer, and another was planned for 2020.

In the autumn, we travelled to the USA where we spent 10 days with some of our American puppy owners, we all rented houses and went on hikes in the mountains and paddle boarded in lake Tahoe, such an amazing time spent with our American Honiahaka family.


2020 had lots planned with wolfalike days here and another wolfies on tour photo experience, but sadly the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll and we have decided to write off 2020 & 2021 enjoy the break, We did however manage to do our wolfies on tour a few times between lockdowns. We did also add some lock down pups to our pack.

2020 we also made the decision to cut down the amount of breed stands we do and just concentrate on the 2 main paws in the park events each year and to get the dogs out and about more local.


2022 Started with a cloud over Honiahaka when we found our our main girl Kami had hemangiosarcoma positioned on her heart and in a place where there was no way of operating. Devastating news for us and we made the decision to to keep it private and spend the time we had left with her making memories. We were given a few weeks and were lucky to have just under 11 weeks with her. Also at this time we had our poor Angel on a drip for 5 days when she had a serious reaction to the cocktail of medication she was on after having a routine spay and some growths removed in her mouth. I have to say it was scary watching your dog literally turn yellow in front of your eyes when the jaundice set in. Angel did recover thankfully, but it did take a toll on her body and caused permanent weakness in parts of her body.


2022 carried on being a tough one, when we lost both of our older dogs Louie and Ochi at the end of the year, its never easy loosing a valued member of the family no matter how old they are.


2023...... Saw the the new boy arrive to whip up a stir. It also saw us tragically loose one of our girls in her prime, which has shocked the whole of the honiahaka family. 

2023 we have moved out of our comfort zone a bit and i put Jimmy forward to become a cynopobia assistance dog, after a long assessment, Jimmy and myself passed and now attend a weekly session where we try along with the rest of the team, to help children and adults overcome their fear of dogs.

I also did my beginners course for mantrailing which I've started to do with London.

Gavin and Nessa our 2 Lambs arrived to cause a commotion, and even managed to get in on some of the photoshoots held here.

We were booked to do the Muddy dog challenge, where we raise funds for battersea dogs home, and after 3 postponements due to the heat this year we managed to do it and raised over £1,200.

We hope you enjoy our website and a little insight in to our lives with the wolfie dogs.

2024 will see us carrying on bringing best friends and soul mates together, We will be attending Cruft for a few of the days with a couple of our dogs in March, if you see us, come and say hello, if we are not wandering around, we will be on the snoozeeeee dog stand promoting their wonderful beds.

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