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Older dogs for rehoming

Sometimes we sadly have dogs looking for a new home, this is normally through no fault of the dog, but a breakdown in a marriage or owners needing to go into rented accommodation.

When rehoming a dog we have bred, we still give a lifetime of back up to the new owners, as we would if it were a puppy. When thinking about re homing one of our dogs, before applying ask yourself a few questions.

1, Do I have time to devote to making this dogs life happy and enriched.

2, Do I have the time to exercise the dog twice a day minimum. 

3, Am I prepared to put some training and ground work in as its always back to basics with this breed.

4, Am I committed to giving this dog a good 3 months to settle in.

5, Am I flexible in my work to give this dog the company it needs whilst it is settling in.

6, Do I have a secure, garden to keep a wolfie dog safe.

If you feel you can offer a sofa and love to a dog we have for rehoming and have answered yes to the above, then please drop us a message.

We do ask for a small adoption fee which goes into the rehome fund.

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