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Meet Handsome Draco

Olderhill Alpha Draco at Honiahaka

Draco also known as Dracula Is from a litter of 5. We 

ended up having 4 of the pups for our future breeding 

program here and in Switzerland.


Draco is a very striking boy with a sweet way about him, easy to train and picks up things quickly, loves 

nothing more than spending time playing with his 

 pack here at Honiahaka.


Draco has produced some wonderful puppies with various breeders, who have gone into the Northern inuit, Tamaskan and wolfalike breeding programs and is now retired from breeding.

IMG_2289 (2).jfif

Draco's Parents

Sire: Olderhill Alpha Winter's Solstice ~ Harry  ( Northern Inuit) 
Dam: Olderhill Alpha Wolfie ~ Wolfie  ( British Timber dog)  

Sadly we do not have any good pictures of his parents to share on our website.

IMG_2026 (2).jfif

Baby Draco

Draco growing up

Some of Draco's offspring

Show results

In May 2018 We entered Draco into a wolfalike breed show, held by the Honiahaka Wolfalike Companion club.


Minor Puppy

1st Place – Olderhill Alpha Draco with Honiahaka - “Draco”


Judges Comments Lovely strong head, good top line, very nice movement.


I was very proud of Draco, as it was his first big event and he took to it like a dream.

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