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Meet Handsome Lobo

Honiahaka Nova
The Legend of Lobo

What can I say about Lobo.

Lobo is a special one, we looked long and hard for the right stud dog to put to Angel, as we wanted to produce our own potential stud dog to carry on the genes.

Atlas was a perfect choice, great lines that matched well with Angels, a low COI of just 2% for the future pups, atlas also wasn't too big either, as we wanted to bring the size down a bit.

Sadly it all went wrong in the womb, when we believe Angel contracted a virus from somewhere which in turn caused Angel to reabsorb all of her puppies bar one, who in turn was born with congenial defects, this was Lobo.

Lobo has a deformed hind left leg, left ear and a slight lazy left eye. Considering his problems he copes remarkably well. He will eventually need to have an operation, which his insurance will cover half of and we will need to find the rest, but until then he see's a physiotherapist who makes a leg brace for him to wear when he exercises, he is happy in his restricted routine and loves going to see his special friend at hydrotherapy each week. We do our best to give him the best possible life he deserves here at honiahaka. We do believe that if you bring a dog into the world who has issues like Lobo, its down to us to make sure he has as much of a quality life as we possibly can and he is our responsibility to care for.


Lobo's Parents

Dam: Honiahaka Miracle of Angels  -Angel  (Northern Inuit)
Sire: Blaiddmon Drogo -Atlas  ( Tamaskan) 

Baby Lobo

Lobo Therapy

Lobo Attends Hydrotherapy every week, he started at 12 weeks old, he went twice a week, all during covid, and absolutely hated it and would refuse to walk. We have persevered over time and he did eventually give in and start doing some work, rather than just insist on being cuddled.

He has made some lovely friends whilst going to hydro.

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