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Meet Beautiful Lupa

Honiahaka Nova Ice Ice Baby

Lupa is our one in a million, she has all of my beautiful lines rolled into one.


A large girl with looks and personality to make you 

fall in love with. She is a real leaner when she wants a fuss, and will often unbalance you.


Lupa is a sweet sensitive girl who oozes presence, 

she is an absolute pleasure to have in our lives. She has become part of our wolfie model team, and will often throw the old howl in for the photographers to capture.


Lupa's Parents

Dam: Honiahaka Miracle of Angels
(Northern Inuit) 

Sire: Nanuq Von Munsterland ( Tamaskan) 
IMG_3698 (2).JPG

Baby Lupa

Lupa Growing up

Lupa Modeling