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Register an Interest in becoming a puppy owner


You are filling out the form below to be considered for our reserve list. 

Please fill out one of our forms below to register your interest in becoming part of the Honiahaka family. Once we have considered your application to be on our list, you will be contacted via email.  Once puppies are born and if we have availability, you will be invited to come along and meet us and the pack. This is a necessity for those living in the UK and Europe. Those living in the USA will be asked to make contact with our friends/ home checkers in their country. 

Our 2024 2025/26 lists are full, but we are taking reserve applications in the event a space becomes available.

You can check out our planned mating's by clicking on the button below

We are taking applications of interest for the following potential matings
Which of these matings are you interestd in?
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Your Home
What type of home do you have
Do you have a garden?
Do you have children who live at home
Do you have any other Dogs or Animals?
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