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Meet Beautiful Lupa
Honiahaka Nova Ice Ice Baby

Lupa's Parents

Dam: Honiahaka Miracle of Angels ( Northern Inuit) 

Sire: Nanuq Von Munsterland ( Tamaskan) 

Lupa is our newest hombred girl to stay at Honiahaka

a large puppy with looks and personality to make you 

fall in love with.

Lupa is a sweet sensitive girl who oozes presence, 

she is an absolute pleasure to have in our lives.

  Honiahaka Nova Ice Ice Baby
 18th November 2017
 Silver Grey
 Light Amber
 Large Puppy
30" to top of shoulder blades 
 Health Results
 BVA 6-4 Total 10 
 BVA 0
 Tested Clear 
 Tested G-3
Tested Clear
Tested Clear
 Tested Clear
 Registered With
 IWCR & Honiahaka
 Colour Traits 

Baby Lupa 

Lupa 6 months onwards

Photos of Lupa by Salli Gainsford Photography

Photos of Lupa as she embarks on her modelling career.

May 2018 Lupa Entered the Honiahaka Wolfalike 

companion Club show.

She did me proud for her first time  in the ring.

Puppy Bitch

1st Place – Honiahaka Nova Ice Ice Baby - “Lupa”

Judges comments: Very strong girl. Everything in 



2nd Place - Honiahaka Nova Ice Ice Baby - “Lupa”

Judges Comments: Very well put together.

Going on to win Best Puppy in Show 

September 2018


Lupa Entered The HWCC Show and did me proud


Puppy (2-12 months)

1st Honiahaka Nova Ice Ice Baby "Lupa"

Judges Comments: 9 Month old Very feminine, good 

flowing lines, moved well

Going on to win  Best Puppy in show