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Meet Handsome Finn

Honiahaka Follow your Dreams

​Finn is one of the 12 Dream Team babies and really follows in his mum and dads pawprints.​

Finn Lives in the Netherlands where is is a great ambassador for Honiahaka. The Van Gaalen Family have done a wonderful job bring him up.

He and Zena (Honiahaka hopes future) are quite the celebrities in Holland.  Finn is one of the Top wolfy models in Europe.

He is a gentle giant, is really calm and relaxed and loves cuddles.  Finn is a therapy dog for elderly people with dementia or other mental illnesses. 

He Loves children.


Finn has been used in wolfalike breeding programs in Europe and the UK and has been chosen by a judges panel to go into the Saarloos outcross breeding program.
Finn is the first Northern Inuit dog to have a FCI pedigree.

We couldn't be prouder as his breeder to be the first with a reconised pedigree.

Finn has now retired from stud duties, but his offspring carry on the Honiahaka lines worldwide, and he carries on doing his modelling in Holland, which he really loves doing.


Finn's Parents

Sire: Olderhill Alpha Winter's Sunset at Honiahaka
Dam: Honiahaka Kizzy Kon Tikki 

Baby Finn

Adult Finn

Finn Modelling