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Meet Jimmy Choo 

Honiahaka Nova
One of a Kind

Jim was the only one born in his litter. His mum was put on a progesterone drug by the repro vet, when she was 21 days pregnant, which it turns out does not agree with our breed and causes more problems than it would in other breeds. It was only through quick thinking from our veterinary Nurse friend that Jimmy survived. There were no vets available to do an emergency C-section, kami was overdue and had no signs of going into labour naturally, So Kelly rang her roaming surgical vet friend Marcell and he came down to the surgery as quick as he could to save Jimmy. 


We call him Lucky Jim, he should never have survived, he was actually  breathing in the uterus, something the surgeon had never seen in his lifetime of being a vet. He has ingested so much gunk and poo that he needed to be cleaned inside out.

Jim was an amazing fluffy puppy who won everyone's hearts.

Jim was due to go and live with a family member, but due to a break up in the family ended up staying here longer and then never went.

We never really wanted to keep another boy, but we couldn't imagine life without our big fluffy clown, he brightens up even the darkest of days with his silly ways, it was meant to be.


Jimmy has now passed his assessments and is a fully qualified Cynophobia assistance dog. He spends time each week helping Children and adults overcome their fears. This is held at the Essex dog training Centre in Brentwood Essex.. We are super proud of jimmy as its lovely if our dogs have a job in life. 

Jimmy has also followed in his mums paw prints and become a awesome wolfie model., who never fails to give the photographers what they want.

CTI_0772-copy copy-72.jpg

Jim's Parents

Dam- Honiahaka Kami - Kam kam
Sire -  Shanaki The Black Cuillin - Mij
Jim-47 (2).jpg

Baby Jimmy

Jimmy growing up

Jimmy Cynophobia assistance dog