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Meet Handsome Kootz

Honiahaka Nova the Incredible Journey 

Kootz is one of our outcross boys.

Kootz is one of two boys born in his litter.

The name Kootz comes from the Tlingit tribe meaning bear.

Kootz lives here at Honiahaka and is the easiest puppy we have ever been owned by. 

He is a sensitive lovable gentle giant, he is always happy to see us, he has a very deep voice, which he greets you with, he really is like owning a bear. 


Kootz will hopefully be siring a litter in 2024, this is a test litter to see if he passes on cryptorchidism in his puppies, if he does, then he will not sire anymore. Honiahaka will be keeping a couple of these puppies to go on to follow in his pawprints.


Kootz has been very popular in the photography world, which has landed him some great photo opportunities already.


Kootz is available for photography, music videos,  film work and meet and greets in the UK.


Kootz's Parents

Dam: Honiahaka Dream a little Dream ~ Northern Inuit
Sire: Nanuq von Munsterland ~ Tamaskan

Baby Kootz

Kootz growing up

Lake Wolfie