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Meet Beautiful Elsa

Honiahaka Tourmaline Dreams 

Elsa Is from the Little Gems litter, she was the most adorable puppy ever, full of fun and mischief, and she hasn't changed a bit, still always up to no good. Elsa grew up with Angel and Mona, and went on to became Mona's best buddy. Elsa Thinks she is a wolfdog like her buddy, and has her dads genes for acting the clown.


Elsa spends her days keeping Mona and Troy in check.

Elsa failed her health tests, so never had the chance to go into the breeding program, which was such a shame for us, as she had so much to give to the breed. It just goes to show that no matter how much you health test and watch your lines, genetics will always throw a curve ball in every so often. 

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Elsa's Parents

Sire: Mahlek Ochi Memorian bono fratre at Honiahaka
Dam: Honiahaka Dream a little Dream

Baby Elsa

Elsa Growing up

Adult Elsa