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Meet Beautiful Kazue

Fireborn Yennefer for Honiahaka

Kazue is the beautiful daughter of our handsome Yuri, I've always wanted a puppy sired by Yuri, not only is he a great dog but he is the son of my beloved soulmate Moley. Kazue has many of the Honiahaka looks, even down to her dad and nannies forehead wrinkles, but I think she has more her mums relentless personality and feminine frame.


Kazue was a full on puppy who would eventually listen to you, she was a bit timid of strangers and new dogs, but being a lockdown pup, it was understandable. Kazue has started to come out of her shell now and will happily come and say hello on her terms. Once she knows you she gives lovely cuddles.


Kazue is all health tested now and will hopefully have a litter of puppies in 2024, if you would like to be considered for one of her puppies then please register an interest via email or by filling out one of our forms.

IMG_9902 (2).jpg

Kazue's Parents

Dam: Lukoi Alderaan Princess  -Korra
Sire: Honiahaka Spirit of Destiny - Yuri
IMG_9948 (2)-2.jpg

Baby Kazue

Kazue growing up!

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