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Meet our beautiful  London

Honiahaka Nova Gossip & Hershey

London is everything I had hoped for when I decided to do this breeding.

She has the traits of both her parents and grandparents all rolled into one. She is extremely intelligent, loving, soft and has an added smidging of spirit to keep me on my toes. London Loves water and has become a real water baby, she has also just started doing mantrailing, something that we hope she continues to enjoy.


London has now started following in her grandmother Dreams pawprints, and become one of our dog models.

She is now fully health tested and will hopefully have a litter of puppies in 2025/26.

If you wish to have a Honiahaka puppy, London's litter will probably be your last chance to acquire a honiahaka puppy from us.

317077713_670981904406490_3122983992766148044_n (1).jpg

London's Parents

Dam: Honiahaka Nova Chocolate fondant- Pudding
Sire: Honiahaka Nova Stormborn - Drake

Baby London

 London Growing up

 London Modelling